Police harassment, crypto misunderstanding and I absolutely hate it here

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Yesterday is going down as one of the worst days of my life. The only time I actually ever felt this level of fear was when I thought I was going to get shot back at the University of Benin.

So yesterday on my drive back home, I got stopped by the police. I didn't want to go out but I had to sort out some stuff with my school and so I had to hit the town.

On my way back, I saw a police checkpoint and I'm guessing it's due to the "security" issues in the state. The police officers picked an isolated place and we're randomly harassing people on the street, and I was, unfortunately, one of them.

Now you might be wondering how this is crypto-related right? Well, here's the thing, the idiots claimed crypto is illegal and then took me to their station.

I'm not going to lie, it was a very scary experience, especially for someone like me that's never had any dealings with the police.

The officers, armed with AK47s tool my phone and then started going through my personal shit. The next thing I know, they started talking some random shit about crypto, and by the end of the day, I was being threatened with being locked up in jail until someone comes for "questioning" or some crap.

It's bullshit

I've said it on numerous occasions and I'll say it again, this country is fucked up and there's no hope for it.

I hate to sound like this but it's not easy not to. I absolutely hate it here.

I was taken to a shitty corner in the police station and threatened like I'm a criminal. I showed the police officer my hive profile and everything else but they ignored it and just kept on going about how "crypto is banned".

I explained the initiative and further clarified that crypto isn't banned and stressed that dealing with crypto is not a criminal offense and they replied with threats of tampering with my statement and shit like that.

The police constantly tried to isolate me from everyone else but my wife was always around.

The moral of the story

  • First of all, I'm going to get a lawyer on retainer as soon as possible. I'm not going to be anybody's bitch in this country.
  • Secondly and most importantly, we have to get the entire fuck out of here. Even if I have a lawyer, I could still be targeted and I know they'll absolutely love to continue harassing me.

At the end of the day, I had to pay money to get out of there. I spent like $200 range to regain my freedom from my captors.

I wasn't arrested and committed any crime but was harassed and detained simply because of a bunch of crypto WhatsApp groups.

Stay safe and frosty out there my friends.

PS: The internet is still messed up and it's still a struggle to access hive and all my blockchain stuff.

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I just don't know when this rubbish will stop in this country. I am so tired of all the things I am seeing the harassment needs to come to an end. The police are criminals and are always after money. I hope they learn from other countries and started doing the right things.


Bro, please forget this country. The place is dead and hopeless. Just dey gather money now and do what you can to exit. Even if an Ghana, just leave this place.

hello @belemo,it's sad what happened to you but I'm sorry to tell you that it's not something that only happens in your country. In Venezuela many axie infinity players were told that it was illegal and that if they didn't hand in their nft of the game they would be arrested for any reason.That's why players in Venezuela don't want anyone to know that they play and even less that they have nft, on the one hand the police tell you that it's illegal and take advantage of the lack of a solid legal framework to pressure you, they know that "nobody argues with an armed man"

Sorry about that bro. One has to be very careful. But the question is "how will one be careful with everything that is happening?"

I no go lie u baba, na to begin dey avoid eke oo. Cos if eke show laidis, "I no follow" don pass 5k oo.

Stay safe bro


Guy the matter tire me.

I feel sorry for you man. But, I don't think they had the right to check your phone without your permission ! Read the constitution of the country, and you will see that they broke the law, they should be punished for that. Don't be afraid, just sue them. Fight for your rights ! It's better to give those $200 to a lawyer once that giving it to them again and again. And set a password for your phone. They abused your rights for sure. They even abused human rights, so find an organization that defend human rights in the world. Usually each country should have that. I also had troubles in Russia and I solved them that way. You are not alone. There will be people who will help you for sure ! Please learn about that. And read the constitution !

This is among the things Nigerian government do that is so wrong, I don't just know when did crypto become a crime that someone will be detained for I pray for God to help our country

You might simply remove all crypto related stuff on your phone and deal only when you are at home with your computer.

I invite you to Venezuela where saying hello black is more of a compliment, and we don't have the slightest idea of questioning the color of the skin of the other person.

That what we have to face in Nigeria, I will advice either you get a system to do your crypto stuff at home or get another phone for running around I can imagine how you feel. I stay in Ekpoma am a student there, I was coming from school one-day when I saw the police blocking the road and arresting some people after checking there phone thank God I sight them from afar I just turn and buy something at the shop close to me(I did not have intention of buying something before I did that just in case they are looking at me too from afar so that they won't know I turn back because of them) and turn back to pass another road home because am not just ready for there problem. I don't know why Nigeria consider crypto currency as illegal, only God can deliver us from this country.