Social media and Cryptocurrency are propelling the Nigerian revolution


In case you've missed it, here's what you need to know about the situation in my country. There have been numerous cases of police brutality, extrajudicial killings, kidnappings and extortion from the people paid to protect us. In most of the country, the police is not your friend and every day, it gets worse. Well, not any more.


It started as a small spark but now, it has engulfed the entire country. People have taken to the streets and combined it with social media to propel a wide-scale protest against bad governance that has gotten international recognition.

In the beginning, the government did everything to stifle our voices; they went as far as putting a gag order on all local stations and then came on TV to undermine the protest.

Days went by and we didn't stop. Every day, more and more people came out to peacefully purge their hearts of the pain they feel and this is despite the fact that the Government, through the police we're protesting against, use lethal force that has killed at least 12 people in the space of one week. Further highlighting the point of the protest in the first place.

The best part about this protest is that it is decentralised, and so there's no leader to kill or bribe. It is a collective voice of Nigerians that want a better life. The organisers, in loose terms, raised funds through local banks but the central bank shut down all their accounts. Thus, we switched to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency to bypass their shitty fiat.


The protests have brought the government to its knees and we didn't use any guns. It wasn't violent, it was completely peaceful but that doesn't mean there weren't attacks. Well, not physical attack anyway, but a digital one, because along the way, we got an ally in famed hacker called anonymous.

The anonymous ally first hacked the Twitter page of the broadcasting corporation and then targeted specific government organisations, presumably based on reports that the websites of the central bank, EFCC and Lord knows who else has also been taken down from the internet.

There were no guns or violence from the protesters. The only violence came from the government because that's all they know. The youths planned a coordinated protest that has exposed the frailties of the system of governance in the country and we're not backing down until something is done to fix this nonsense.

We will keep on screaming "End SARS" until the problem is fixed. They changed the name from SARS to SWAT deep down, they know the real problem. We want answers, we want a better country and we want it now. We're the petulant, disrespectful and we don't give a fuck. Fix up this shit Government. Fix up.

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