Splinternomics: Flatten the curation curve on Splintertalk to even out the playing field



The success of Leofinance has been very obvious. The project has ground its way into reckoning in the past few months and gotten to the point that a hack, and even a "monumental dump", brought the price DOWN to the level of Hive's current price. One aspect of the project that doesn't quite get enough coverage and something that other front-ends could copy is flattening the curation curve.

Due to my interest in SPlinterlands, I spend a lot of time on Splintertalk, curating aggressively to, first of all, distribute, secondly to reward authors and finally, to earn curation rewards. As you know, the people who earn more from the current model are the auto voters that drop their vote in the first five-minute window, but I feel like that disenfranchised manual voters like me and other curators.

Leofinance went back to the way it use to be where your upvote earns you 50% of the value of your vote, irrespective of time and I think this model should also be adopted on Splintertalk. Just like on Leo, where most people manually curate content, people that I interact with through Splintertalk largely manually curate content and switching to a flat curation curve will favour the majority.

Outside favouring the majority, switching to the flat curation curve will not affect those that auto vote in any way. Their votes still count and life will go on fine for everyone concerned. A model like this will make Splintertalk, and by extension, Neoxian, palnet and other front-ends a tad bit more fun to curate on.

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