Splinternomics: Introduce SPT to the game



There's a lot of fanfare about SPlinterlands these days, and it is for good reason too. It seems like every time you blink, there's a new development in the game and yes, we absolutely love to see it. However, with all the new changes in the game, there's still the lingering issue with SPT that has been on my mind for the longest time.

The issue about SPT, the native token of Splintertalk being adopted in the game has lingered for a long time now. There have been conversations about the potential of adding it to the game for certain purchases and I think it will be nice if you give people the option of using their spot for buying packs, potions and maybe even land.

The first two, in particular, have seen a dramatic drop in purchases, and that is largely due to the spike in DEC price. There's simply no value for money in buying packs right now, and due to this situation, it will take a mighty long time before the next set of cards can be rolled out.

Introducing spt, like electroneum was introduced yesterday, will open a pathway of sorts that connects the game and the social media that is dedicated to the game. If anything, it is actually a logical procession that spt be added to the game.

For now, Splinterlands is focused on attracting external players and that's fine. Since everyone that uses splintertalk is fundamentally a player of the game already, there's not much emphasis on the token. However, I feel like doing that will connect the social part of the game to the actual gaming experience, thus improving the overall entertainment value of the game.

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I personally think that Splinterlands is making too many changes at a too exaggerated rate, it has cost me a bit to keep up with the amount of improvements and modifications that the game has undergone and it has also happened to some acquaintances, I hope that soon the game reaches a "stable" stage.


I think they're making all the changes to accommodate new players they're attracting from other blockchain. They want to level the playing field by giving new players something fresh, this way they won't always feel like underdogs because of a lack of experience.