SPS staking is very important, a new Splinterlands token and all eyes on Chaos Legion

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As Splinterlands continues to develop and roll out new products, the game brings on new avenues to generate revenue for investors and also keep the current players active.

One of the most interesting moves has been the introduction of SPS governance tokens that have turned into a source of income but at the same time, also play an important role in the game.

Even though we didn't know specifics, we always knew that the tokens would somewhat influence your experience in the game. That's probably why there is still quite a lot of excitement about the token and the airdrop that will span another 305 days at least.

SPS staking milestone

I've made it a priority to stake as much SPS as I can but also always keep some of the tokens liquid. Perhaps if I had actually staked all the tokens I've received during the course of the airdrop, I'd be in a better staking position but alas, I had to sell some.

Anyway, despite selling some and holding some liquid, I've still managed to stake 3k tokens so far. I've been doing 1k tokens every 20 days and so I'm still on target. With more stake comes more SPS, so I'd probably push it up to 1k tokens every 10 days in the near future.

Chaos is upon us

In case you've not read this elaborate post by the SPlinterlands account, you should totally look at it. The post details all to expect with the chaos legion packs and one key thing to note is that each pack will cost $4.

In my post, I just highlight certain aspects of the launch that interests me. Call me an optimist but I have so much faith in the project that I don't bother reading about the finances because I just know it's going to be a success. There's just way too much hype and buzz for it to fail.

SPS Staking is important for Chaos Legion

This is something we all sort of knew and had been alluded to on many occasions Now, it's been confirmed that the amount of SPS tokens you have staked will affect the number of Chaos Legion packs you can buy during the presale and beyond.

The goal of this decision is to encourage people to stake SPS tokens and stake it we shall. Also, interestingly, the presale will proceed in a similar way to the SPS airdrop because it will also be based on airdrop Voucher tokens.

According to the publication, each voucher token will make you eligible for one pack during the 30-day presale that starts on the 18th of October So, someone with One million SPS staked will probably receive one voucher a day.

The other interesting thing about Vouchers or voucher tokens is that even beyond the Presale, they'll still have value and are also tradable. So that means even if your SPS stake doesn't give you enough vouchers to participate in the presale, you can just buy vouchers from the market.

You'd also want to buy those vouchers and participate in the presale, especially if you want to improve your chances of getting another airdrop. Remember how untamed cards were unveiled and then airdropped to players based on the number of packs they bought?

Well, the chaos legion cards will follow suit, and participating in the airdrop increases your chances of getting those airdropped cards.

Hype control

The only "downside" I can see from this whole thing is the fact that the newer cards will follow the pattern of these new sets of reward cards and offer half the Untamed version of collection power.

Apparently, this was done to sort of containing the price of the new monsters. However, I wonder if that will be the case, especially if these new monsters come with some dope new abilities.

I feel like collection power will only affect so much with certain monsters and the free market will determine who is expensive and who isn't. Time will tell anyway.

Making the most of my time

SO right now, it's all eyes on Chaos legion and all hands on deck, Splinterlands deck of course. It's time to start making strategies and contingency strategies to enable me to make the most of these new sets of opportunities.

The release of the new monsters, a new token based on SPS and everything else will undoubtedly add to the current NFT buzz that's in the air. Splinterlands is one of the pioneers and forerunners of the market, as it is home to millions of daily transactions.

This new move will almost certainly reflect on the value of assets like DEC, SPS, and maybe even SPT. How are you going to capitalise on this new moe? What kind of monsters should we expect in the Chaos Legion? Is it worth the risk or will it be a buzz kill?

Only time can tell what the future holds but I tell you this though, it's very exciting and I'm feeling very bullish.

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They are always innovating, and it has to be that way, competition in games is high, and I am sure that developers are looking to attract the attention of more investors.

Hi @belemo, it seems to me that spliterlands will continue to make great strides in the NFT market, with the arrival of the new cards, the sps token has allowed the project to become very attractive, since, there is a very high probability that at the turn of a few years that token will be in a better position in terms of price, I congratulate you for the large amount of tokens you own, no doubt it is a great investment.

See you later, have a great weekend.