This is the year I stop being poor

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I've been looking at the numbers and reading in between the lines. Literally, everything is looking primed for a pump right now and only a cataclysmic event could deter this bull run.

Two days ago, I talked about how Hive is primed for a pump as it established a Higher low. Like clockwork, it has dropped another green candle that pushed us to yet another higher low, with $0.23 the new resistance.

Leo is primed

I was reading @mistakili's bullish post about the prospect of Leo and that gave a bit of a criffy. He dropped some compelling points about Leo rising to $10 in the future.

The only way to enjoy that bright future is by stacking coins now, so just like him, I think I'll finally dip my toes in the buying side of Leo. My wedding expenses have made me sell more than I'd like to, but all is calm now, and I have no reason to sell for now.

As @onealfa said, if you don't hold, you won't get rich. Also, I'd like to add more value to the token in any way I can. I've taken more hive than I invested while getting into Leo, now I need to go back to buying and staking coins for the rich future.

CTP is looking exciting


In recent times, there has been quite a lot of green candles hovering about CTP. My DEX wallet always reflects this and it makes for good reading.

When I started buying CTP, it was going at 0.009-0.1Hive range, however, as at the time I checked Hive-engine this morning, it is already trading at 0.4Hive. I'm holding a little bit more than 1k tokens, so fingers crossed on that front.

Moving STEM around


One project that has largely underwhelmed is STEM. It is not so much as the token value that underwhelms me but the front-end itself. I like the idea of a place for posting science stuff but for a place that is supposed to be filled with Geeks, it is very glitchy.

I know you'll attribute this issue to Hive-engine but I honestly feel that it should have grown beyond depending on Hive-engine. There's not been any building from the hierarchy in the platform and it just feels stagnant.

I know these things take time and aren't quite as easy as a few clicks but it has been very frustrating. Even curating on the front-end is no longer fun.

I put in like $200 into the project and bar that one run that got it to 0.33Hive, things don't seem to be moving in any direction. So for now, I'm pulling out half of my staked STEM and will put it into CTP.

I'm not turning my back on the project completely though. I intend to buy back the stake with the profit I make in my other ventures. It's just that for now, I need the money for other things. Nothing personal STEM, I'll be back stronger and richer to pump you.

Disco Hedge

I heard about this project from @trumpman, my unofficial financial advisor. It is basically a faucet that pays tiny drips of Hive engine coins and Hive itself.

You can buy the coin on Hive-engine or through the discord channel.


Last and certainly not the least, there's also Leo backed investment on the Hive-engine train. I expect big things to come from this project this year. I hold 140 shares right now, and my target is to get it to 1000 shares as soon as possible.

Each share currently trades at 1.1 Leo, so it is going to be a huge investment for me. It is one of the projects I'm mega bullish about and I keep my fingers crossed.

Outside Hive

Other than hive, I also have a few other moon bags that might pay off in the long run. One of them is AVA from Travala. Yesterday, I discussed how I intend to pay for my honeymoon with the coin and with every passing moment, it feels like we're going to be afford something a tad bit fancy.

BNB Trap

I got trapped in a trade yet again. You'd think that I would have learnt something from the Doge fiasco but I'm only human. I bought in right before the correction kicked off.

I'm not overly concerned about that move because BNB is getting to $500 at least, during this run. I'm not greedy and I doubt I'll be able to sell the absolute top, but I certainly will milk it to the fullest.

Vite Candle

Then there's Vite, which I'm sure I've talked about in the past. I stake Vite and VX on Vite blockchain where I earn VX for Vite staking and BTC, ETH, and USDT for VX staking. It is a solid operation that I intend to strengthen.

Blockchained for Life

The game plan hasn't changed. I'd like to have a bit of fiat to help me handle my bills and stuff but ultimately, the plan is to increase the number of coins I'm holding.

I've not made nearly enough profit to take advantage of any bear market. Plus, I don't think the bear market is coming anytime soon, so this is the time for me to fill up my bags. I'm extremely bullish about this market and it seems like this is the year I finally stop being poor.

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I love the belief you have in bnb. I actually thought I am only the one seeing that bitcoin might hit $500 soon. It will be a shocking price to many by that time


it will be a shocking price to many by that time

Don't be blind by the euphoria of the bull market.


Oh I'm not blind. I'll be taking profit and preparing for the bear market in the future

I hope for your success and for mine as well lol. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. A nice moonshot would be a lovely wedding gift!


It would add extra honey to the honeymoon, you know? :D


Yes, indeed! One can never have too much honey lol

your calculations are fabulous for this year I will follow your advice greetings

Crypto market is very unpredictable it can make anyone rich in nights and can make rich poor in a night we need to very careful investing in this market.


Exactly. Just take your gains and hope for the best