Tokenised Fantasy Football is Sorare these days

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During my daily search for interesting stuff on Cointelegraph, I ran into one article that discussed how Zenith St. Petersburg are dipping their toes into crypto. This was rather interesting to say the least and for good reason too, with all things considered.


First of all, I know crypto is global but I never knew that people in Russia were this enthusiastic about it. Secondly, and this is the best part, they're tokenizing football players and making a fantasy league out of them.

While Rabona on Hive is an interesting way to create your own football team and play against each other, Sorare on Ethereum has their own NFT type game that also revolves around football.

Unlike Rabona where the game randomly generates players that the owner can train until he becomes badass, sorare is based on real-life events and players. This means that the parameters of your cards will be based on how the players perform.

Naturally, this concept will largely depend on image rights granted by the club to the game and that is why all football clubs aren't represented. According to the article on Cointelegraph, about 100 clubs which includes Juventus, PSG and every player in major league soccer

The game is relatively new but despite that, it reports over $100k trading volume. It is still a bit new, so putting a few dollars into it might be decent. This game's design will lead to an increase in the interest of football since players have to know how the certain player is performing and will also increase interest in tokens. That's a win-win situation, if I've ever heard of any.

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Until now I did not know about the existence of these games since I have spent a few days offline, both of them call my attention and I would like to try them since I really like soccer, I think I will get for trying sorare first, thank you very much for sharing this news.

These games sound very interesting, I've heard of rabona in Hive, but I haven't had the chance to try it, a fun way to acquire crypto coins !

See you later my friend, have a great weekend !