$1 DEC, battling is difficult and moving forward

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I know $1 DEC sounds like wishful thinking right now but wishful thinking is kind of my shtick these days. In recent times, the demand for SPS tokens has DEC pumping hard.

The last time I checked the market, DEC tokens were already up to $0.01. That's currently still like 100 times away from my $1 dream but dreaming is free.

Do you know what's crazy though? Simply saying that 100X from this point we'll have $1 DEC is pretty wild.

At the current price of SPS tokens, the market cap jumped to nearly $120m. So about 9X from here and it's $1B market cap. That's pretty wild to say as well.

Accumulating and Trading

At the current printing rate of DEC, you could be making life-changing money every day.

Assuming the value of DEC rises to $1, the natural reaction would be assets following suit. So this basically means that Splinterlands could create even more millionaires in the process.

I know it's not nice to compare but Splinterlands has been topping all the transaction charts recently and due to that, I believe that it should at least be on par with Axie infinity.

Unfortunately, things don't work out that way because if it did, Hive blockchain would also be a top 10 platform based on transaction volume.

With that said, Splinterlands is still creating a lot of value spread across the board.

The game's continuous evolution heralds multiple ways to earn and recent developments have added more to an already impressive lineup.

The recent one is the addition of the SPS-BNB kingdom on Cubdefi. It's all in the V2 contract, so setting it up will be kind of done on pancakeswap.

Struggling to keep up

There's so much I could be doing but I'm constrained by this crappy internet. I've been cut off from doing all the things I love on the internet due to the security challenge and it's very frustrating.

Even when the internet was good, carrying out transactions on BSC DEXes(especially Pancakeswap) was tedious because of their glitches. With this network issue, it's almost impossible or takes a lot of time.

So thanks to this situation with my internet, I've not been able to bring myself to pool SPS and BNB in the kingdom. Well, on a positive note, at least this gives me the opportunity to hold more SPS.

The competition is stiff

Other than pooling assets, I've also not been battling as much as I would love to. Right now, I'm still stuck in Silver 3, and constantly being knocked back by some badass brawlers.

It's crazy how advanced the people in Silver league have become. In the past, I'd just brush past everyone here but right now, it's not even easy to complete daily quest.

Add that to the fact that I can't brawl to my heart's content, and you'll see why I'm stuck in Silver 3. Hopefully, I'll still make it to Gold 1 before the end of the season but with the way things are going, it's probably going to be a last gasp thing. Better late than never though.

Just pushing

There's a lot of issues with my country and right now, it seems like my part of the country is worse off. Kaduna is constantly in the news for the wrong reason.

So for now, we're still accumulating dollars towards our migration plans. Sometimes the accumulation clashes with my investments but we gotta stay alive to make money.

I'm prioritizing exiting the country but at the same time, picking small pockets of opportunities to invest in. It sucks to sell sometimes but we have to do what we have to do.

Contact & Support

  • Discord: belemo#9593
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/belemo__
  • Telegram: uncleskipper
  • Email: belemok@yahoo.com
  • Hive.vote page
  • ETH and BSC wallet: 0xC75E34E3ee9a343041B3322E1bD97b4940Ed721d
  • Bitcoin Address: bc1q635vre2jj9zhde9cyvflyz4h9c0p57gg3s3yre

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Everything on the splinterlands game ecosystem is growing like anything and its really exciting. Be it battle or staking of SPS and upcoming vouchers etc everything is good and I am trying to accumulate more SPS for more vouchers.