What do you think about the new reward cards?

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So the monsters are out on the loose and they've been spotted in different parts of the land. They come in different shapes, sizes, splinters and colours, and one thing for sure is that they're ready for a fight.

I've picked a few along the way and I've been stacking them up slowly for the future battles to come. They will play a pivotal role in the future if my Splinterlands experience.


In terms of badassness, the cards seem to have that factor on lock down. Most of them have this evilish underlying design and even the usually "nicer" looking Life monsters didn't get spared.

I also like the uniform themed stuff that were designed across splinters. Like the Pelican crew that all have flight ability and stuff like that.

In Battle

I've not really explored the cards in battle because right now, all the members of my deck are still level 1. I also got one epic card but that's also a level 1 and it can't really do anything to help my battles.

However, looking at the stats of the monsters, when they get to higher levels, they'll definitely play a part in my Splinterlands adventure.

Out of the cards I've gotten so far, my favorite is this epic monster that will have poison ability in the future.


It's also dirt cheap right now, especially for an epic monster, so getting it into your team is a must.

Will you be buying?

Right now, it's very likely that I'll be going into the market with a couple hundred dollars. Right now, the new monsters are quite cheap and their abilities match up to some oldies that are now too expensive.

Later on, I'll do a detailed breakdown of my thoughts about tech ards and talk extensively about my strategy around them. What I can say for sure now is that I'm definitely going to be buying some of them and upgrading.

The potential

Listen, these monsters are cheap as hell right now, and that's obviously because they're still in print. They're also kind of new, so SPlinterlands is kind of flooding the market with them through quests and stuff.

In the midst of them, there will be monsters that will still be cheap and then there will also be others that look like their prices will skyrocket when they go out of print.

Just like every market, you need to get it while it's available and then hoard those babies. Watch out for my next SPlinterlands post, where I'll run the rule on these new reward monsters, and make calculated guesses about which monsters will become super expensive in the coming months.

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With the latest update coming up in splinter land, it definitely seems like something big is coming up awaiting for the game ahead

Hello @belemo!

Mentioning Splinterlands, I've taken a break for a while from the game, yet I've heard about the new cards and it's something I really don't want to miss at all, so it is tempting me to play again and as soon as possible too.

I will do a little research and try those new cards and decide whether I'm going to keep using them or not.

Thanks for sharing!