What does a Bitcoin rally mean for Hive-Engine tokens?


Daddy Bitcoin has settled nicely around the $11300-$11800 range and it is giving off some serious bullish signs. There's reason to believe that the monumental run that will culminate in achieving the $20k level of early 2018 is around the corner, but what will that mean for Hive-engine tokens like Leo, Pal, Neoxian, Spt, Dec and all the other ones?


The relationship between Bitcoin and Hive or any other alt for that money isn't exactly linear. However, there's some correlation between Bitcoin and other coins, and of Mohit Sorout's prediction is anything to go by, the next three months is going to be very special for everyone.

This brings us to hive-engine tokens and their own correlation with Hive. A couple of them have their intrinsic value in "dollars" but considering they're all fundamentally based on Hive, will rise in the value of Hive correspond to a rise in Hive-engine token value

I like the idea of a Bitcoin run, because of how it eases the tension in the atmosphere. The feel-good factor about a bull run is contagious and it won't be surprising if it trickles all the way down to Hive-engine tokens.

Hive-engine is where the party's at. A couple of second layer tokens are making big waves outside the community and I hope that there will be a lot of big things happening in the long run.

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Usually bitcoin Uptrend run always helps a lot of altcoins to rise up also


Yeah that's what I'm counting on

When the king move to the moon, the rest follow. :)


Amen to that brother

Let's hope they follow the BTC, so we can have all a beautiful Christmas and a great end of the year.


Yeah, that will be so damn awesome

Good article, BTC reaching 20k is the goal of thousands who were late the last time BTC reached that price.


Yeah. Things are looking good