How good is it to learn to work under a schedule all the time?



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Hello friends, I hope you are all very well, in this opportunity I want to share with you a reflection related to the fact that it is not always advantageous to work based on a planning.

While it is true that planning helps us to make our time and finances work better in the pursuit of some goals or objectives, it is also true that in crucial moments of our lives we will have to solve a moment that comes with a shortage of money and time, in which most likely we will have to act with cunning, creativity and innovation.

In a certain way I believe that planning pigeonholes us and makes us repetitive, when the variables of the game change, then we ask ourselves:

What do we do to execute such a project?

When we ask ourselves this question, it is because we do not know the project, because we do not have a plan to execute it, because we lack time and money to do it, and then what? we stand still waiting for a miracle? simply because we do not know how to work on the fly?

The reality is that in life we must be multifaceted, that is to say, we must learn to work in a planned way and also in an unexpected way, where it is necessary that we activate our creativity and put all the effort to achieve a goal that can come to our life in an unexpected way.

We can plan about projects that we have been following up, of which we know everything, but we can also easily reinvent new things that we like but of which we know nothing, although it is difficult to work in an unforeseen and unplanned way, everyone has had the opportunity to work in an unforeseen and unplanned way, and the irony of the case is that sometimes when we perform such activities without prior planning they are better than when we plan them.

The conclusion of the case is that life is provided with different circumstances, it is dynamic, changing, and therefore needs our creative ability to innovate and work in some circumstances without prior planning, without meaning that planning is bad, on the contrary, planning has many benefits, the bad thing is that not all the time we have the willingness to work in a planned manner.

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Hi, friend.

It is always a pleasure to read your articles, they are very constructive for our lives, it is true that good planning helps us to make use of our time and the economy gives us better results, it is always good to have a good schedule of activities at hand so that we can reach our goals.


Hello @carlos84!

It's really important that we know how to deal with such situations as life will for sure put us in situations when we have to deal with such circumstances as soon as possible and that's when planning isn't helpful. I believe the only way to deal with that is thinking calmly and that's the way.

Thanks for sharing!