Why Consistency is Key to Build a Successful Business - [Final Part]

26일 전

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For a business to become successful, One of the factors that must be in place is Consistency… This is so important in business that there is no other way around… consistency must exist for any business to become successful. If you look at the successful businesses, one thing that they share in common is that they are all focus on consistency… It is impossible for a business to become a brand without consistency… In fact, consistency is one of the most important factors for any business to become a successful brand. It is through consistency that a business can begin to cement itself as an authority in a particular target market. A brand is simply a successful that has created perception in the minds of its target customers or target audience. For a business to achieve that brand status, it has to be unique and consistent… it is through uniqueness and consistency that a business build trust and perception over time.

When a business isn’t consistent, it becomes difficult to understand the core focus of the business… Imagine a business with a red logo and red interior designs, then after some weeks, the business changes that to blue, then in few months time, the business changes that to green… I know this is a drastic example but imagine how people will perceive that business. Or Imagine a business that sells fried chicken, then few months time, the business changes from fried chicken to fried pork, after a few weeks, they change to selling ice cream… Lol… how would you perceive that kind of business… as unserious right?... That is what most people will most likely perceive the business as. Sometimes change is good in business, however, there should be aspects that should be consistent to help establish what the business is about.

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When we talk of Consistency in business, it is basically the act of being consistent. Like I mentioned above, this is super important for the success of any business as it helps to build trust and create awareness. The more a business is consistent either through its products or services, it can be through its branding, marketing style etc consistency can be utilized in any aspect of the business. When a business is consistent, people begin to create a mental picture about the business and also the business becomes memorable.

When a business is consistent with its quality of products or services, the target customers begin to associate that to the business and that helps to create perception in the minds of the target customers. Think of the popular and successful brand, they are all consistent in various aspect of their business. Look at top brands like Mac Donalds, KFC, Apple, Nike etc, they are all consistent in their business that it becomes clear what they are all about and that have helped them create that positive perception in the minds of their target customers.


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