Focusing on Peace

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I haven't really written anything here since last year, and personally since this year began. I could say that I've been busy which is the truth to some extent, but the real reason is that the steam has not been there. It went away towards the end of 2020. Maybe I didn't try to get it back. I was comfortable where I was and I decided to let it be. For the first time in a long time, I was free and I didn't want to lose that. So there, I let it be. Someone close to me wouldn't stop telling me to start writing again. Perhaps this is me listening, or I'm just doing it out of love. We have a way of obliging the people we love after all. Let's hope it sticks this time.

I read quite a lot of pieces. People writing about 2020 and how it was for them. One thing I picked from all of it is that despite how strange and unexpected the events of 2020 were, it was still a very good year for a lot people, and that's something to be proud of. Since I missed out on that, I've decided to write about 2021. This might seem early but if there was anything last year thought me, it was to not take things for granted. Anything can happen at anytime. So this is me telling you how I want this year to be for me, plus the one thing I intend to do the most.

And that is paying attention to what brings me peace.

One of the most important things I've learned in my stay here on earth is that our peace should be our priority. The focus needs to be on getting to a place where you are comfortable, even when pursuing a goal. Happiness goes a long way in keeping you sane and on track. While I'm not exactly sure how to achieve this, I'm willing to give it a chase. By chase here, I mean being more intentional in things I want and going after them.

Peace means different things to different people. It could be the simplest of them all. Things as little as the smell of the rain or the noise of the ocean. It could also be a person, or a place. Whatever it is, we just cannot do without. We might not realise how important it is to connect with these things from time to time till we get to a place where we are forced, against our will, to slow down.

Using myself as an example, I love quiet places. I just didn't know how much till I left home for the very first time. There are people who do not mind the hustle and bustle of the city. They can go years without noticing. But it was different in my case. It took me less than a month to give up. All I wanted to do was run back. So I had to create a balance. I knew I couldn't just go back so I found a quiet place.

The downside of neglecting our peace is that it reduces our productivity. In my case, I wouldn't stop having headaches, and they prevented me from doing what was expected of me. I couldn't really focus on the things I wanted because I was distracted while trying and failing to look after myself. And it cost me financially too. The time I should be earning more, I was spending the one I had because I needed to get back on my feet. So there, I need that if I want to function after all.

The importance of peace of mind can't be overemphasized. It isn't just finding the things that bring us peace. We should also stay away from things or people who take that peace away from us. We should avoid toxic environments if we want to thrive. So this year, it's all about looking after myself more. And to do that, I need to connect more with myself. I would say that everything is currently working out well. I see it being that way for a long time. Like I said earlier, I intend to be intentional. In the end, it isn't how long we lived, but how well we did it.

Happy New Year if you're still here. Tell me about you.

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