The crypto market continues to be in a zone of high danger indecision.


Greetings to all readers of this great platform, especially to those who make life within the great community of #ProjectHOPE, in the current opportunity I want to share with you information related to the cryptomarket, specifically the behavior that is currently having the BTC, which can be said to be in a zone of high risk, which is not a good time for trading, since any market movement can leave you out.

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The cryptomarket with all the problems that have been faced, starting with the year in which we are, a year in which the market correction was due, after 2 years of the last reduction in the issuance of BTC through mining, which is why in the Bitcoin cycle, it is a year in which the market correction was due, to which was added the pandemic, the war, and economic problems in the US and Europe that has also generated pressure on the market.

Currently and for several days, the crypto market guided by the BTC, is in a static zone, the market does not increase or decrease, which can be a high-risk area, as its price remains between 19k and 20k without giving any indication of being able to increase its value, otherwise everything indicates that the market can go down again, this being a high-risk situation for people who want to trade at this time by the market situation.

There are many coins that the market apparently are marking some entry into purchase, which can be considered as placing a knife in the neck, in the event that the BTC being the token that manages the direction of the market, comes to lose the current price line at 19k, will fall to the next support near the 16k or less, which can generate a fall of the entire market and thus your purchases for trading would be stagnant.

When this situation is generated, the time to wait with your funds frozen in that investment may be uncertain, since it is uncertain how long this may take to recover, or you would have to accept your losses and sell even if it is below the price of buying, to have your resources in stable currencies thinking of a future investment, which can help multiply your resources, so you should be careful if you plan to invest at this time.

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hello @chucho27
No doubt that the current market is very delicate for and serves to accumulate, waiting for the winter to pass.


Hi @dgalan.

That's the key, keep waiting, as the market I believe is still not done falling and it's time to be smart, generate token and keep calm.

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Thanks for the support for my content.

The current market situation is not bullish for sure and better if we can learn that it's bearish so that we also start accumulating. You have shared a nice publication about it. thanks


Hi @reeta0119.

The bearish strength of the market is still intact, all indicators, behavior and world situation indicate that the market is going to fall again a little more, but he tends to give surprises, let's hope and accumulate token.

Hello @chucho27!

In my opinion and not technical analysis, I guess the market will stay in this zone until the end of the year as if they keep increasing the interest we will probably see more drops and there is a high possibility for another interest increase so it will be the 3rd this year, and hopefully the last. So for me I think for people who love investments they should wait a little further to see what will happen in the next 2 weeks at least.

Thanks for sharing!


Hi @lennyblogs.

Really the market is still bearish, most likely it will fall even more its price, hopefully it will not happen and start a healthy recovery of the market, but it is really something complex that this is its accumulation zone.

Indeed the current market situation seems unpredictable as bitcoin price have been declining and stagnated for long it is advisable to invest with caution thanks for the share.


Hi @mccoy02.

Actually that is what is happening, and that stagnation has generated that many people are afraid, because they do not know what the market can do and where it can go.

@ chucho27 saludos amigo esta situación es ver la dos cara de la moneda el que compra por que esta bajando y venderá al comenzar a subir, hay mucha especulación, la inversión es de alto riesgo, y solo debemos invertir lo que si perdemos no afecte nuestro patrimonio.

#hermano algo fuera de contexto quien me da el aventon para ser parcero
ya tengo los requisitos pero no doy



Hola amigo @solopast.

La situación del mercado es muy compleja realmente y debemos tener mucho cuidado con nuestras decisiones, así no nos lamentaremos en un futuro cercano.

Por otra parte, con lo de ser parcero es fácil, sólo te debes presentar en la comunidad, aquí comparto el link de presentación:

al presentarte allí te daremos la bienvenida.