BE STRONG - A Short Poem

8개월 전

I just felt like writing something from my heart. Hope I have done justice.

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When the life gets tough,
And the journey gets rough.
Don’t worry my friend,
It will be all fine in the end.

We feel soo helpless,
Every passing hour makes us restless.
Just believe in God,
Always keep him in your thoughts.

When your heart wants to cry,
And all the dreams are scattered in the sky.
Don’t lost faith in the good times to come,
Cheer up & don’t feel lonesome.

So if everything around you is grey,
And you feel difficult to express what your heart wants to say.
Build up the courage & speak out,
Don’t bother about the world & be loud.

We are blessed by good people around us,
Don’t bother about the ones who make a fuss.
This is one life we have so make it the best,
Live your life to the fullest & forget about your stress.


When you feel low and empty. Remember we are blessed with eyes, arms, legs & speech. We can do wonders with them. They are our weapon, support, trophy. Don’t let anyone put you down or anything make you frown. God bless you all.


Thank you for your valuable time for visiting and reading my post.


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What a lovely poem that was inspiring


Thank you :)

When life throws dirty shades at you, the most appropriate thing is to remain strong while hoping for the best out of every situation.


Soo true. Completely agree with you my friend:)