Have You Checked On Your Friends, Lately?

8개월 전

The situation around the globe is getting bad day by day. It’s not just the epidemic which is to worried about but the huge damage it has created in our personal and professional life. We are soo caught up in this phase that we haven’t really got the chance to check on our friends.


Millions have lost their jobs. Business have been hit real bad. Trades have come to a standstill. There hasn’t been any income since over 3 months now for those millions out there. And yes many of our friends are one of the millions.


Many are surviving on their savings. Let’s not forget they have family and kids to support. Times are though for them but they don’t reach out as many wouldn’t like to share their financial difficulties with others. Self respect comes into play. And in this process they fight alone, each and everyday for survival & meeting ends meet.


If you haven’t had a word with your friend lately, pick up the phone and call him/her. As how are they doing. Tell them that they can count on you if they ever need you. Speak about the situation and reassure them that everything will be alright soon.


One call will make a huge difference. It will just take your 5 minutes. But it will mean the world to your friend. The warmth & comfort that one call would give him/her cannot be expressed. We all need someone. It is just that we don’t open up that easily.


This world is a cruel place for the weak soul. If we give into it then we are doomed. But not everyone is strong like us. Everyone has some weakness. We need to help others in life without any expectations. Spread the love & warmth. It doesn’t cost a dime to us but it is priceless for the one receiving it.


We all have heard this phrase, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed”. Let’s put it to use now. Pick up the phone and make calls to your friends. Life is a better journey with real friends around. God bless you all.


Thank you for your valuable time for visiting and reading my post.


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This is one time when we need to check up on our loved ones the more, I have made it a point of duty to always check up on loved ones the more.


Good to know that my friend 🤝

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How beautiful your words, the truth is I agree with you, we are going through a situation where we all need a helping hand, someone who gets that everything will be fine. I think this is the best time to show that we care about other people and that we are willing to give some love.


Soo true. I agree with you :)

"If you haven’t had a word with your friend lately, pick up the phone and call him/her. "
I guess I have been guilty of these


Go ahead and make calls.. check on them :)


Thank you :)

Thanks for the reminder! It is especially crucial now more than ever that we keep our friends close. Going to make a few calls and deliver a few messages now!


That’s great to hear. 🤝