Ups & Downs In Life - Appreciate & Learn From It

8개월 전

If you think about it, life is nothing but a movie where the script keeps changing from time to time. There is joy, laughter, thought times and even disasters. But by the end of it everything gets ok like in the movies. There is always an happy ending.


We live this life and enjoy the good times but we get soo lost in it that we forget to be thankful of what we have and appreciate it. We just look at what is in front of us. We just see the good and don’t bother about anything else.


We we don’t realize is that everything good that is around us is because of someone’s efforts & love. We fail to appreciate it and we only think about ourselves and our happiness. We put a blind eye when it comes to being thankful.


Always remember your success is not just your hard work but a team effort. Today who we are and where we stand is all because of the people we have around us. The times when we were down they supported us and now when we are on our feet we shun them away. Everyone deserves to be thanked for what they have done to bring out a positive change in our life.


Also with that we need to learn from our bad days. Not all days are good and productive. There are times when things get out of hand and we can’t control the situation we are stuck in. But we can surely learn from it.


Tough times are the times when you realize who are your true friends. The ones who stuck by and supported you. These are the times you will get closer to your family. You will learn how important family is. The love and support you will get from them will help you to sail through the tough times.


So my friend, please do appreciate everyone & everything around you. Don’t let arrogance & pride control you. Learn to say thank you, learn to smile back. It will make someones day. Don’t let self respect pull you back during tough times. Reach out to people. Ask for help if needed. The ones who truly care about you will stand by your side no matter what.


There are ups and downs in life. The one who says that he/ she has never seen bad days is either lying or is living in complete denial. Whatever it may be, just be thankful for everything that you have and make each and every moment count. Tough times make tough people & appreciation is a true path to a blessed life.


Thank you for your valuable time for visiting and reading my post.


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You are right.

"Today who we are and where we stand is all because of the people we have around us. The times when we were down they supported us and now when we are on our feet we shun them away"

This is one of the great lesson I have learnt, don't always shun people away.that you become successful doesn't mean you should get rid of some people who was there for you when you are still yet to be successful


Yes true. We tend to shun people away when we are stressed. I have learnt my lesson too.

Surely there is ups and down in life but whatsoever it takes, we have to keep our heads up, things will be fine.


Absolutely. Can’t agree with you more :)

Hmmm.. What a very inspiring post about life. I think we should always develop the attitude of being happy no matter what happens because happiness is a choice just as sadness is also a choice, you can either choose to be happy or sad no matter what life throws at you.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborlaand and I hope you have a great day ahead


I am glad that you liked the post. I will be posting more in time to come. My day is going good. You too have a wonderful & blessed day 😊

Difficult times are real and life has not promised us to always bring smile to our faces, but we need to gather every courage and strength required if we want to overcome life troubles.


True.. nothing is confirmed.. we need to go with the flow and choose the right path

One other thing I noticed is that we base our happiness so much on the things we can get from others that we fail to realize how lucky we are.


Yes true. We look out for happiness in things & not people. We are soo lucky to have amazing people around us.

Well it doesn't always end in a happy ending, there are very hard realities that many don't know about. But I agree that we must always be grateful, both with life and with the people around us, I think that each one of us puts a grain of sand so that we can move forward, as we are also part of that grain of sand for other people!


Soo true. Absolutely agree with you. If we stand together we can move mountains