Is BULL RUN still ahead of us? Google search "HOW TO BUY BITCOIN" is trending again

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Is BULL RUN still ahead of us? Google search "HOW TO BUY BITCOIN" is trending again

Many of us are probably wondering, how much longer current insane bull run will last. We believe, that hardly anyone could predict such a rapid and agressive growth in it's price. After all, 100% growth in just several weeks is something that doesn't happen often. Especially within markets, which are already quite mature.

We've all heard about institutional money entering the market and pushing price upward. However, truth is that we've been hearing it for few years already so it's definetly difficult to "blame" institutional money for recent "hurray run".

It's more likely that recent growth has been a result of mass media picking on this topic. We're also currenly seeing celebrities like Elon Musk, who became huge advocates of Bitcoin. It hit us today, that it would be interesting to check google trends and see what would be results if we check phrase "how to buy bitcoin"


Results are quite clear. General interest with BTC is exploding.

Our question to you all

Don't you guys have an impression, that we're rapidly reaching the point where EVERYONE around us talks about BITCOIN? That is exactly what we're seeing.

And our experience seem to "whisper" to be cautious with our financial movements. Pretty much always, whenever even people on "the street" would talk about investing in some asset - then it would be the time to sell.

Perhaps bitcoin didn't reach this stage yet, however it's very likely that we will get there very soon.

What do you think? How far are we in your opinion from "breaking point"?

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I agree @creativeblue we are near that tipping point where crypto will be on lots of minds. I think the US and other governments are about to make some regulation that will open the space up some more. And the facebook Diem coin will at least offer marketing buzz and an entry point for lots of people.

Hello @creativeblue.

The thing is that the BTC is becoming very popular among the common citizen, and that makes noise to all spheres of society, many people are joining to buy bitcoin, both common people and big celebrities, however I think that this bullish race will have a moment to reach a maximum price and from there it will go down considerably.

Let's wait and see how far the BTC can go up and up.

Greetings and thanks for sharing.

Buying Bitcoin to hold now isn't a good idea. For me, the bull run is almost over.. Bitcoin would probably still rise to about 50k and will remain there or waver around till 60k for a while as a quick bull run isn't good for PR but in 6 months time, the market should go back to normal but at that point, people might call it Bear.

Hello dear @creativeblue, it is impressive what is happening, some of us came to think that BTC would narrowly exceed 20k to have an important correction, however, this has not happened, but it is very difficult to predict when an important correction will start, it is It may be soon but with everyone investing in the asset a price price is generated.

In my opinion, a correction is coming (I am not an expert)


In reality, the BTC has experienced an impressive bull run, which has made many people talk about the BTC, both in their own words and in the words of strangers. I believe that this is not the time to buy BTC for the price, however, there will be people who will do so mainly out of euphoria or ignorance.

Let's hope that this is what happens in the next few days and see what the constant breaking point will be. A great article. Successes.

Interesting article @creativeblue not sure what the market holds for now I'm pretty sure there will be another bull run, in the main time as there are much expectation of litecoin rising soon.

I think we need to book partial profit now and then again re-enter below 35k , and this is bull run only or we can say bubble that will burst again like March.

Greetings @creativeblue

For all of us, it is an extremely atypical behavior, something unthinkable, and the worst thing is that even when we are in this world of cryptomonies, we never intuit these accelerated movements, there is no objective variable, nor any indicator or technical analysis, that provides us with information on these price movements that the BTC has been making. In particular, I think that we are approaching a breakout point, in the following we will see consecutive corrections, therefore, it is time to take profits. Thank you for this great call for caution.

Eth is also rising along with BTC. I wonder how many people are talking about ETH? My guess is, "not many"; and confirmed by

Yet, since ETH is rising similar to BTC, my guess is that the effect of the average person on the street is still negligible.

Cryptocurrencies are still only speculative investments used by a relatively few. Mass adoption is still a long way away, so prices will continue to be manipulated by the few who have been in the game all along. For now, nothing has drastically changed.


Thanks for dropping by and sharing your feedback @happyme

Consider posting within PH community sometimes :)


Thank-you, @crypto.piotr.
I've tried a couple of times now, and it seems that my games are not of interest to your community. I get no support nor any engagement from posting there. Despite Steem's price going up, my latest post has less earnings than normal and I posted it in P.H. There seems to be no hope for my games there.

If I have something philosophical or crypto-related to say, I will try to remember to post there for those things, but I generally don't have time for that as well as my games. Running these games takes a big bite out of my days.

One thing I believe is bitcoin is capable of rising but the question is can it be actually sustained?

I have realised some profits for now and would not buy right now. Pretty sure that bitcoin will fall below 30.000 again.

BTW: Does anybody know what happened to ?


hi @krischik

it's working as

Hello @creativeblue,

Without a doubt the current bullish onslaught that has been generated around the bitcoin from my perspective is nothing more than a strategy of the big investors, where we must be vigilant as we can observe a catastrophic collapse that will leave out many of the small and medium investors.
I am not an expert on the subject, but I observe a lot of euphoria at the moment of buying this digital currency and making projections that are not very credible and sustainable over time,
We will be watching the events, time will tell everything, but I think that the breaking point is close to the current figure.

I believe that, as regards today, investing in STEEM is better than investing in BITCOIN. This is my personal opinion. STEEM / STEEMIT are different from what a single coin can be.

Hello @creativeblue. Well in my surrounding people are not talking that much about btc. Most of them think i risk my money, when i tell them, i am trading a little bit. I think in germany tradeing with crypto is still something for neds and brave.

I believe and certainly hope that better things are ahead of us. Steem & sbd are not exactly flying not are a lot of other alt coins so I guess we have to wait for that time.

@Crypto Piotr give me the link to join your curation trail. I will like to as well join your whatsapp group. Thank you and #God bless you