All SUSHI Shorts Closed with $740.19 USD Profit | But My Price Predictions Were Very Wrong

8개월 전


Hey guys! Just an update on my SUSHI shorts.

I am no longer shorting SUSHI after a roller coaster ride. This was probably the most volatile coin I've ever traded and I think my heart and mind has had enough of this emotional trauma!

Unfortunately, the price did not get to my prediction of $0.75 as per my post 1 week ago.

However, I was able to pick up some nice profits with the volatility and called it quits while I was ahead.

I have decided to stop shorting since the inflation has dropped by 10 times and the old dev who sold his share for $14 million has decided to return the funds.

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Nice profit! And I agree the last part - a bit dangerous for shorts now.

It's a good thing you got out while you could. Good trading~