How to support your favorite sites by using Brave browser


Slightly more than 2 months ago, I wrote about blockchain-based digital advertising and how Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the leader in this area. So I have been using Brave browser for a while now and so far it has worked really well for me.

Both on desktops and mobiles, the performance of the browser is satisfactory and I am able to block away pesky advertisements without additional addons or extensions. More than 95% of the sites that I visit works fine despite the privacy preservation blocking done by the Brave browser. All in all, I am a happy user so far 😁

However, what truly differentiates the Brave browser from the rest is that you are able to earn BAT tokens by clicking on advertisements forwarded to you by the browser itself. This is a completely opt-in program and you can choose to not receive advertisements anytime.

As adoption continues to grow, I am starting to see more advertisements coming my way. With that, my BAT earnings have also grown substantially. So far I have received more than 20 BAT on my mobile browser,

Earnings on my mobile Brave browser

And more than 8 BAT on my desktop browser,

Earnings on my desktop Brave browser

Your earnings from your desktop browser can be cashed out to your personal ERC20 wallet. However, if you are using the mobile version of Brave browser, you may realize that there is no way for you to cash out your earnings yet.

What you can do, however, is to tip your favorite sites with your earned BAT. As far as I know, the interfaces on Hive (e.g. and are all not displaying advertisements. Even for Steem, has stopped displaying advertisements after Justin Sun took over. Hence, it will be a nice gesture to support them with BAT.

For me, my current favorite is Thus, I have dropped them a 5 BAT tip this month. It isn't a lot but I guess every bit counts 🙂.

My 5 BAT tip to @peakd

Brave users continue to grow

Based on statistics from, the number of BAT holders is on a rising trend. This is likely an indication that the number of Brave browser users is also increasing.

Number of BAT holders

As a result of this, I expect to see more merchants advertising on Brave and therefore providing more earnings to those who view the advertisements.

So, if you are not using Brave browser yet, do consider using it. Not only you can earn some cryptocurrencies, you can also support your favorite sites!

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Brave is the in destination. Nevertheless, withdrawal function should be added to phone users. What's the essence of having BAT and not having a monopoly to decide how you use your coins!

  ·  작년

Agree. I hope they allow withdrawal on phone browsers soon

Brave browser safe to use?

  ·  작년

It is based on the chromium browser, hence it is at least as safe as that I guess?


Ok. Thank's for share.

  ·  작년


Brave browser seem to be everywhere this days, it has good prospects.

  ·  작년

I use brave browser and i like it so well, tipping sites BAT tokens is one amazing feature of brave browser.

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

Wow! There is really more to Brave browser which I never knew about. The number of users making use of brave browser seems to be increasing very drastically due to the fact that they can earn some BAT tokens. I also love how you've explained the concept of supporting one's favorite browser using brave browser and I guess I may to give it a trial just for practice.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla in courtesy of @crypto.piotr and always remember to stay safe 💕❤️💕❤️💕

  ·  작년

Thanks for your comment!