Congratulations To @trabajosdelsiglo for Winning My Contest Posted Last Week

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Congratulations to the winner of my contest posted last week. @trabajosdelsiglo won by writing, as comment, a funny and thought-provoking answer to the question: "Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?".

@trabajosdelsiglo's funny and science-based comment was:

That question is the same as asking, which came first the drink or the drunkard, the answer is the egg since the dinosaurs laid eggs while the chicken is a being that evolved from the dinosaurs.

Well, I think you can't argue with science on that unless you believe in myths and legends!

Congratulations @trabajosdelsiglo! 5 SBD was already sent.

Thank you to all those who participated (need to save some SBD first for next contest)!

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thanks friend for the contest.

You are welcome! 😁

Fully deserve

Your page looks like a lot of fun. Started following you today. It's nice to meet you.


Thank you. 😊