Be A Friendly Person

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What you really don't want is to be seen and regarded as a cold person, an unemotional person. When people hold this view of you, they will really like to pay you coin for coin - meaning that you'll also get cold stares and looks, and behaviours from people. This does not serve as an advantage to you in the business world, where good relationships can win you a profitable contract.


When you're a cold-hearted person, it doesn't take long for people to sense this about you. There's a saying that - perception wins over facts. What people think about you in most cases matters more than what you really are. Even though, you're not an emotional person by your nature, when you go outside, you must make effort to hide that part of you. Give people the perception that you're a loving and friendly person. This works better for you.

It's takes a lot of flair for you to be someone that people will like to collaborate with in doing businesses and striking deals. You have to be able to play the cards to your favor. It's about knowing what people like, and dwelling on the point of their likeness. A good way to become more friendly is to look for a common interest that you and someone share. You can build your friendship around that interest. It may be football, or chess or Scrabble or snooker and so on.


When you've been able to find a common interest that you and a colleague or partner or business associate share, you drive the relationship in that direction. Anytime that there's a business, you'll see how these people will be so hungry to get you in on it. Because they know that when you come around, you'll always talk about topics that they love. You can use this approach to make your way into many people's hearts.

You also need to appear emotional. Show empathy and sympathy when need arises. If you always seem too rigid and not playing on the soft spots of people, they'll not find you friendly. You must realize that humans are very emotional creatures. When you learn how to flow with people's emotions, you may hold the key to the doors of prosperity. Always play to people's emotions and they'll love you and find you very friendly. This is good for business.

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The skill of communication is one of the most difficult, but also interesting


Thanks for coming around.

you are right. Empathy, humility, and good morals are qualities that any successful person must possess. Sometimes kindness alone is a big reason for others to help and work with you. There is a saying that goes "It pays to be nice to the people you meet on the way up, for they are the same people you meet on the way down"

Thanks for sharing :) Have a good day :)


Thanks for coming around.

Being friendly will give us a chance to build better relationships, it is funny how some cold hearted people think they will be able to succeed in business, business requires a jovial spirit to attract both customers and business customers.


Nice choice of words - jovial spirit. You're very correct.

Just like I wrote in one of my previous post, being friendly is one of the attributes of a good customer service personnel and it is a sure way to attract good customers and retain old ones as well.


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What people think about you in most cases matters more than what you really are.

This is very true and so we see so many teams hiring PR teams to manage their image and the image of their bosses.


Correct. Thanks for coming around.

Hello, great content that you share with us from which we all have to learn to always keep in mind and to be a friendly person because this is the best way to know how to live our life, thanks for your excellent content. Greetings.