Do Sleeping Patterns Affect Productivity?

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You must admit that sometimes, you have so much work to do, and you just wish that you could go all night without feeling sleepy at all. Those long hours of sleep at night may really reduce the productivity of some people, as we're all different in many ways. While some people enjoy one long night sleep, others prefer shorter sleeping time - splitting throughout the day. Increasing your productivity may depend on you figuring out what sleeping pattern works best for you.

There are basically three sleeping patterns - mono phatic, bi - phatic, and poly - phatic. The mono phatic sleep pattern is one where you sleep just once in a day, usually 5-8hours of sleep in the night mostly . Bi phatic sleep pattern is when you sleep twice in a day. Meaning that you split your sleeping time into two segments. Lastly, the poly phatic sleep pattern, this involves splitting your sleeping time into more than 2 segments - that is, 3 times or more.

Of late, I've been practicing kind of a poly phatic sleep pattern. I sleep at different times of the day in shorter periods of time. This helps me to be almost always alert through the day 24hrs. I work at night, at day and at noon. The benefit of this kind of sleeping pattern is that sleeping and working becomes recurring. When I sleep like for 1hr30mins after noon, I reenergize for the rest of the afternoon and early evening, I get lots of work done.


In the ancient times, history books have it that in most parts of the world, in different cultures, people used bi phatic and poly phatic sleep patterns. It was until the industrial age that the mono phatic sleep pattern became more popular. And research has it that, it was since the mono phatic sleep adoption across the world that cases of insomnia and other sleep disorders started becoming more common. Perhaps the human system is more naturally conditioned for bi phatic or poly phatic sleeping patterns.

Many works of research point to the fact that especially bi phatic sleep pattern may be very good for increasing productivity. Another important exercise is having 10-15mins power naps during the day. It's said that people who have such quick power naps tend to be more productive. There's a huge role that sleep plays in our lives and our productivity. I'll really love to know which of the sleeping patterns you practice.

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Hi @devotedman

No doubt, there is a very important role that sleep plays in our lives and our productivity, not resting the necessary hours to sleep our productivity goes down.

Best regards, be well.


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Hello @devotedman
Very interesting topic you share with us. I had not.thought about that, nor had I ever read about it, at least
I did not know that classification of the type or pattern of sleep.
It makes sense that sleep has changed with the rise of the industrial revolution, as they needed people to work for continuous hours.
I had never made the connection.


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Hello friend
I am not an expert in this area but what I know is that a sound sleep is our necessity and we need to get it every day to stay fit and healthy. It is equally important like food or other necessities for our health and body.


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