How To Get Started - Simple Trick

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We often like to complicate rather easy things. It's as though the system of the world was deliberately built this way, in order to keep on making money from the masses. I say this because if schooling took fewer days, that will mean less income for the educational system through the tuition students pay.


The same applies to different aspects of our lives - simple things are made complicated for many reasons. As a business man, or someone looking to make life easier for yourself - starting the difficult tasks you have right before you; becomes very important. And you don't need complicated answers to learn how to start anything.

If we come to think about it, many people would have lived an amazing life, if only they started on the thing that mattered most to them. But because of how people like to complicate things, they couldn't see that their main problem was getting started. Perhaps, you've also been having issues with starting those important jobs you should get done.


Search no further for a solid answer, as I'm going to share with you one of the simplest tricks to get started on anything you want in life, and that's - doing the simplest and tiniest bit of that thing. The reason people don't start is because they really don't have the courage and understanding of how to take that first step.

But when you do the simplest and easiest thing possible, your brain goes like wow, I've already started :). And what you notice is that, you don't even want to stop until you complete that task. Hence, in order to break that fear, that barrier, that blockade, that's paralyzing you from starting - you should do the simplest, tiniest, and easiest thing possible.

Thanks for taking time to read!


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Hello @devotedman!
This post reminds me of something my son told me this morning when he finished his homework "mom before I started I thought it was very difficult and it was not" something like that happens in life sometimes we resist to start and take that first important step, and it can be useful the advice that you present and that will help us to see things simpler.


Your son is really smart :) When we're able to break the ice and just start, it's mostly not as hard as our minds thought it would be. Thanks for dropping by.

Hello @devotedman
That's basic advice you give, but I think it's quite valid. The truth is that sometimes we complicate ourselves with things we shouldn't. And when something is really big, the best is to digest it in parts, starting with the less complicated can be a good way to do it.


And when something is really big, the best is to digest it in parts, starting with the less complicated can be a good way to do it

Exactly the point. The best only way to start a big task - is to start. No matter how little that step is, just get started. Thanks for dropping by.

An adage says "The best way to start is to start". There is no way around it. When I'm too reluctant to do a thing, I always remind myself that if I don't do it, no one will.


I agree with that adage. The only way to start is to just start. Thanks for dropping by.

It's simple and useful tricks of life and I find it useful. It's always better not to complicate things rather keeping it easy. Nice post


Always better to keep things simple and easy, and not complicate things. Thanks for dropping by.

Very well said. Many people want to start but are always afraid to start. Another thing I noticed that always hinder people to start is because they Always procastinate their starting a lot and remember procastination is the murder of all plans


Procrastination never helped anyone get the job done. Many people are afraid of starting, mostly because they fear the huge size of what they have to do. But when they break things down, and just start with the simplest part, then progress with always be made. Thanks for dropping by.

Hello, you are right in every single word of your excellent content, where, it is important to highlight the following:

But when you make it as simple and easy as possible, your brain says wow, I've started,

That's right, the important thing is that we can start any activity raised from the simplest and then we are left is to continue until we reach the most complex. Greetings and thanks for sharing.


We can always start any task from the simplest part, and continue until we reach the most complex part. Hence, it falls on our shoulders to make that simplest move. Thanks for dropping by.

This simple trick can be considered basic but very important because if we follow this then many things can be great in an easier way. I like the way you explained and it's surely helpful. Great post.


As it seems what we really need to become successful are simple tricks and ideas, but most people like to complicate things, and that's where the problem lies. Thanks for dropping by

Hi @devotedman
It is a simple but crucial tip. Getting started can sometimes be the biggest obstacle that prevents us from doing our jobs, once we overcome it, the brain turns into "productivity mode" and keep going nicely
Thanks for sharing :)


once we overcome it, the brain turns into "productivity mode" and keep going nicely

The problem is that most people don't ever start. Immediately one is able to start, like you mentioned - the productivity mode gets activated, and they continue smoothly. Thanks for dropping by.