Knowing Your Inadequacies

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Whether you like it or not, you cannot be excellent at every thing on Earth. It's almost impossible to be a Lionel Messi and an Albert Einstein all at the same time. Even as brilliant as you may think you are, there are some things that you know that you're not just good at. It's not advisable to amplify your inadequacies, but it's important to know them.

You have to identify these things that you're not good at. So that you can choose a career that has very little to do with your inadequacies. Let's take for example, you like reading books and doing intellectual things - working in a farm land may not be the best place for a person who loves reading books. But working in a University or in educational areas for example, may be more fulfilling for you, as you're surrounded with books.

The idea is for you to identify your inadequacies, but focus your energy on your strength. Building a life and business around your core strengths makes life a lot easier for you. You'll not be whining all day, you'll be happier, because you're doing exactly the things that you naturally love and you're getting paid for it. That's why you must identify your inadequacies, but concentrate on your adequacies.

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If by any chance, some of your inadequacies happen to be associated with your daily work, then it may be a smart move to get someone else to do them for you. These are things you know that you lack the personality trait and ability to do rightly and happily. Delegating such things to someone else to do is a very intelligent play, while you maintain focus on what you're good at.

You must understand that, nobody is perfect. So don't feel bad that you're not good at some things, that you probably wish you were good at. Rather, be happy with the things that you're good at, and see how you can capitalize on them to profit your life. The most important thing always is for you to focus on your strengths, and that's what the world appreciates.

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Hello @devotedman!
Certainly we all have weaknesses that we have to recognise and not only focus on them leaving aside the strengths, if possible we have to improve in what we are not so good at if we believe in our capabilities to achieve it or simply that will allow us to focus on what we do master to find the right path and make better decisions. Thank you for sharing


Thanks for dropping by.

It is the knowledge of one's inadequacies that will lead to the discovery of one's strengths. It is true the we are not perfect but we also have our areas of strength which we should consolidate on.

Excellent piece buddy


Correct. We have strengths that we can capitalize on. Thanks for dropping by.

It's not advisable to amplify your inadequacies, but it's important to know them.

That is very true and a good way to delegate responsibility and look at collective efforts for an overall success.
An interesting chain of thoughts @devotedman


Thanks for dropping by.

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@devotedman, it is necessary for every human to realize their strength, realizing our strength and the things we are capable of doing, would guarantee us a better ground for accomplishment.

Definitely, no one is perfect and there is strength in everyone, it is only good for us to identify those strength and use it appropriately.


Very true. Identifying those strengths is really the important part. Thanks for dropping by.

Hello @devotedman

It is very normal that we have weaknesses, of which we must learn to focus on improving in each of our defects, with this it is necessary that we take into consideration that we can improve each of our aspects of life, and with that this be better people.