Overcoming Boredom

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When learning any skill, you have to do it repeatedly for a long period of time before you can attain mastery of that skill. The problem that most people face is that they get bored along the way. The whole process becomes very monotonous, and uninteresting, because you just have to keep on doing it until you master it. Many people get frustrated and quit.

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But if you want to make a mark in this world, you have to be able to overcome that boredom.
The smashing truth about overcoming that boredom is that, after you do so - everything starts to look amazing. Let me give you this example, assuming you're a chess player and you want to be a grandmaster at the game. It will take lots of practicing and playing, and many painful losses and defeats if you must achieve your goal.

Most people quit because it gets frustrating and boring, but the few who persist actually become masters and some grandmasters. This is the way of the world. The way things happen. Good things doesn't come to people who cannot wait.
Good thing doesn't come to people who whenever the feel bored of something they run away and never come back.


It's almost impossible to master any skill in life, if you can't go through the phase of boredom. It will surely get boring at a point, especially if you practice consistently. Your aim is to keep on pushing and working even when you feel bored.
Having a long term view of things will also help you in overcoming these boring phases of learning a skill.

Going back to the chess analogy I mentioned above - when you see yourself in 6 months time as a grandmaster or a master; you'll tend to have more patience in overcoming the boredom you're feeling at the moment. You should always have your eyes at the reward that you hope to achieve as a result of mastering that skill.

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People that want to gain mastery in certain skills have to learn to overcome boredom because they will have to try that skill over and again. So if they fall for boredom, they may give up and they will not achieve mastery.

Nice piece buddy


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well, your tips will work quite fine but i feel that discipline plays an utmost important in continuing learning or working even when bored


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Hi, friend .

I very much agree with you, it is always good to develop a skill that we like, and that it does not become monotonous because if not it also bores us, that is why being routine does not bring good answers to our lives, we should never give up on our goals or goals set.



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I agree with what you say about boredom also many people are bored because they have no purpose in life. Greetings.


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