Rigorous Persistence

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To make it in life isn't an easy task at all. And that's why we have only few successful people, and the majority of humans are poor and living less than average. It requires an insane amount of work to break into true financial freedom. A point where you don't have to work directly for money, and that's basically the goal. Even if you still continue working, it will be because you like your work, and life is quite empty without it.


Great achievers throughout history have always talked about this almost crazy amount of work that you have to put in, before you can be recognized by everybody as a successful person. Elon Musk once said "You need to work like hell". You need to put in at least 12 hours work days - which sums up to over 80 hours work week. And I'm not talking about playing while working. I mean serious work, with good level of concentration.

When you see the amount of work it takes, you begin to understand why so many people are not rich. It's absolutely not easy. You need to be pushing yourself at all times, balancing as much as you can your personal life with your work life - so that you don't fall short at home. Literally, you need to get to that point where you don't need to be motivated to work, you're motivation itself in living form.


Leonardo Da Vincii's motto was 'Ostinato Rigore'. It is Italian, meaning 'rigorous persistence'. Leonardo Da Vincii said that - it is the secret to his success, and the reason he was so much better than everyone else. He maintains a high level of persistence for so long. When you work with such high level of persistence over a long period of time - you gain so much experience and you've practiced a lot. You start to feel an intuition for work.

Albert Einstein also made mention of the fact that he works so hard on a problem and stays on it for much longer than almost everyone else. Same with Steve Jobs. These are great men who know the value of working really hard and smart and persistently for so long. When you function like this, sooner than later you start to get intuition for the whole. And you perform your work much faster and more accurately than almost everyone else.

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Hello @devotedman

I was very uncertain about this you mentioned "When you see the amount of work it takes, you start to understand why so many people are not rich", somehow people don't like the fact that we are persistent.

Best regards, be well.


People don't like to be persistent for long. It takes a lot of energy to stay persistent for long. Thanks for dropping by.

I talked on something like this some days ago. We needed to keep pushing in other to stay afloat. Persistent is truly all that is needed when it comes to life


Persistence is really all that's needed. Thanks for dropping by.