We're Nothing Without Hope

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You may underrate the power of hope, but that will definitely be at your own peril. The fact will always remain that, nobody knows what tomorrow holds, but have to make plans today for it. By all perspectives, when you're making plans for a tomorrow that you're not certain will come - this is having hope.

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Most poor people never achieve much in life, not because they're not hard working, but because they don't have enough hope. They squander their money today, saying 'what if I die today?'. When you see a great man, you see a man that is hopeful about almost everything. It's very easy to start imagining the worst outcome in the future.

But a successful man, makes effort to think positively about the future, because he is filled with hope, that what he desires and plans for will come to reality. If a farmer wants to sow a seed, and starts thinking what if rain doesn't fall?, what if diseases and pest destroy the plant before harvest?, what if flood came?. Such a person may not even sow that seed.

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The endless possibilities of things going wrong will forever be there, you just need to be very hopeful as a person to do what you should do. Lack of hope is what makes the traders in the markets to panic quickly and sell off their assets, and in most cases after they sell at a loss, the price makes a U-turn and starts going back up.

Of course, you should be very careful what you're hopeful for. That's why there's a saying - be careful what you wish for, it may just happen. If whatever you're hoping for is not realistic, no matter your power of hope, it will not come true. So you have to carefully analyze where you place your hope, so that you're not just a wishful thinker.

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Hello friend @devoto.

According to you without hope we are nothing, hope moves us, gives us life, motivates us positively to move forward and pursue and achieve our dreams.

Greetings and thanks for your article.

Hello @devotedman!
Hope is what moves us to work for what we want, thinking that we can achieve it. Certainly it is necessary to be positive and realistic because you can not achieve success only with the hope that what we want will happen, we must also put everything on our part. Thanks for sharing!


Hope plays its role in positivity. You have to believe that you'll get a positive outcome in order to put in the work. But ultimately, just been hopeful without working is wishful thinking. Thanks for dropping by.

At some point I was getting confused about the topic but as I read I understood what you are saying and I really love the post. Nice one


Thanks for dropping by.