#Steem, Tron, Justin and a #steem community that rocks!



Ok... this is going to be very close to the lines of a low effort post but... in the midst of this turmoil I just gotta get this off of my chest!

Since March 2 nd. things became pretty wild one here!

I'm not going to bore you with all that happened before and after this date regarding the infamous actions of Justin and some that colluded with him (steemit, exchanges and so on) besides some snippets of what I tried to pitch in in the ongoing fight for our beloved #steem blockchain!

First of all, and don't stone me for that, in regards to witness votes and for full transparency I have delegated my voting rights to @theycallmedan!

I haven't got the insights and backgrounds to #steem as this man and therefore I've decided to give him these voting rights. I know they are in good hands with him.

I had some very interesting chat's with a bunch of twitter friends over the course of the last week mostly in private chat rooms regarding #steem and what had happened.

I guess the most valuable thing that came out of all this for me personally was that I had a chance to learn a lot about #steem, our witnesses, our communities, basic human nature, opportunists and so on.

Most impressive was how the fellow steemians got together on this and how they, for the most part, moved in the direction to do a lot to save our blockchain from centralization!

This had an ripple effect, (nah, not the coin!) in the crypto community as a whole I reckon! Many that had next to nothing to do with #steem got into the discourse of what was happening and some joined the fight for #steem even.

It was great to see what a group of people, scattered around the world, are able to accomplish together to fight this hostile acquisition with clear centralization motives!

I tried to support what was going on in my little neck of the woods... also on twitter.

Here just a few examples...



I don't know where all this will lead here but for the foreseable future I'm not powering down a single sp and I will do what I can to support those who keep on fighting this unprecedented, blatant, hostile takeover!

To my fellow steemians STEEM ON and a big thanks to those who are on the forefront of this fight!


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This conflict is a huge concern for many smaller users :/

@tipu curate

Hi @doifeellucky

There has been so much said already about current situation.

regarding the infamous actions of Justin and some that colluded with him (steemit, exchanges and so on)

It seem that you took strong sides and you're supporting fully Witnesses and theirs narrative? Personally I think that soft fork was first low blow, which should never happened. Justin escalated this conflict with another low blow.

@theycallmedan is actually one of very few big players that care about users on steem blockchain and about communities. Majority of witnesses didn't show sign of carrying - until they needed support in their fight for power.

moved in the direction to do a lot to save our blockchain from centralization!

I never understood this repeated reason.

My impression is that right now we're experiencing decentralization for the very first time. Witnesses represented very centralized power for very long time. It's almost like saying that we're having democracy - while all 20 major politicians are working together and are representing one party.

At the moment narrative "us versus him" is very strong and present. And somehow people here so often repeat that Justin tried hostile takeover, however we seem to forget tons of hostile, insulting and abusive posts that were directed against him from day 0.

Let's see if witnesses will decide to escalate this conflict. And mostly if they will start to show that they care about small users (like myself and yourself) - because they kind of never did in the past :(

Upvoted already, enjoy your weekend,
Yours, Piotr


Hello Piotr,

to me it feels a little like this whole thing was waking up a sleeping giant!

The community on here is strong!

I agree though in regards to your critique about the witnesses in the past with some exceptions.

However things turn out here we all can learn a lot from this! My comittment on here is very limited in regards to my other investments. This doesn't apply to some other steemians on here. It fascinates me how it feels that we all moved a little closer in the last few days!

Regarding Justin, I was very welcoming of his engagement in the beginning but I watched closely how he acted and how the community reacted.

I haven't foreseen the moves that followed but it was clear from the beginning that he would try to squeeze the most out of the money he put on the table.

Maybe things would have been different if he would have chosen a more transparent dialogue driven approach. But the "behind the backs of the community" actions, with clear breaches of pledges how the ninjamined #steem for instance would be used for instance did it for me!

Lying and still trying to whitewash what was/is going on won't fly with the steemians that seems to be clear now! Same with the involved exchanges but tbh I wouldn't have expected "less" from them.

Just some side notes on my perception how I feel about all this...

it seems that many of the concessions I made in my thinking about the space as a whole just weakened the integrity of the construct of my crypto convictions to some extent.

The longer I'm in this the more I understand those who propose and standby pure doctrines. I still don't like the word doctrine very much because it's limiting thoughts and actions but I'm starting to feel that watering down too much of the "right things" won't do us any good.


Hello Friend @doifeellucky.

You're right, this situation has awakened a new feeling in the heart of the steemians. Or, at least, it seems.

The proposals and initiatives that the witnesses are developing have motivated a large part of the users. I have been able to see how messages are sent to people who have not yet voted or who have not used their 30 full votes.

First of all, and don't stone me for that, in regards to witness votes and for full transparency I have delegated my voting rights to @theycallmedan!

You have made a great choice. I also consider that @theycallmedan is one of the truly active users, with serious proposals and has helped large and small projects in Steemit, with its substantial delegations.

Hopefully this situation will be solved in the best way. To my mind, we need negotiation, conciliation ... peace.

Your friend, Juan.

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)