Neuigkeiten unserer Spendenaktion für Uganda! - News about our fundraiser for Uganda! (67)

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The market at Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda is still not allowed to open, but fortunately the corn flour prices have dropped.
We were able to provide some families with corn flour and soap again. Of course we are happy about that.
All people who support us: THANK YOU!

Der Markt am Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda darf zwar immer noch nicht öffnen, aber erfreulicherweise sind die Maismehlpreise gesunken.
Wir konnten wieder einige Familien mit Maismehl und Seife versorgen. Das freut uns natürlich. Allen Menschen, die uns unterstützen: HERZLICHEN DANK!










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Die Menschen sehen sehr dankbar und zufrieden aus!

Liebe Grüße Michael


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Hello, @elkezaksek.

Thank you for choosing Project Hope Community.

However, I would need to ask you not to post within PH if your publication is not related to topics such as (listed in our community description):

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Otherwise, you may, unfortunately, end up making our community looking a little messy. Hope I'm making sense.

In these cases, I would have to mute this post.
But since I see that the content is related to a noble cause, then I will not.
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A weekly market that is vital for the people at Lake Bunyonyi and that no longer takes place because of the lock down: isn't this also a topic of business and economy? People can no longer go about their business, they cannot earn money and they cannot provide for themselves.
Isn't it also a subject in psychology?
With our support, the people there are not only given food, but also hope and the feeling of not being alone!
If, in your opinion, I have really missed the topic, then I apologize ..... (will not happen again!)


Hello @elkezaksek.

In the 5 lines you wrote I could not find anything related to economics or psychology. You only focused on the donation.

As you say, perhaps these themes could be framed within our topics, but for this, you should have developed them. Which you did not do.

The photos are quite emotional, so I did not mute your post.

If you want, for your next post, try to develop a theme. You could support it with your photos.


@juanmolina Donation isn't that part of the economy too?

i am master of economics, and i totally understand about it !!

Please don't take it personally


Hello appreciated @steemadi.

Thanks for joining the conversation.

Donation isn't that part of the economy too?

Of course yes.
The point is that this article is not developing the topic in depth.
In addition to talking about the donation, the author had to develop the topic in terms of the economic reasons that led to making the donation. In this way we could consider that the post was related to these topics.
If you look at the content of the post, it hardly has 5 lines of text. The rest are images.

I do not want to detract from the action of donating. I totally agree with this. But our community has very clear policies regarding the topics that must be developed.


@juanmolina I can understand, if a concern occurs I think it would be great if you add one more point in your community about "Donation".

because humanitarian action is a very noble program,,, loved


I think it would be great if you add one more point in your community about "Donation".

It's a possibility.

Thank you very much for the resteem....😀