Steps to becoming a good friend and attracting good friends

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Our life is greatly a reflection of the people we choose to move around with, our live is built on the impact that is made on our lives by our friends, this is the reason why we need to choose our friends very closely and select only the ones who are going to add meaningful things to us. I once had a friend and he was grateful I was his friend for that little period, every other friend he had before me came for the benefit they could get from him so no one wanted to tell him the truth about his nasty behaviour for the fear of offending him, so they all smiled with him got what they wanted and they ran off after that leaving him to even become more miserable.


I noticed his troubles and I got close to him, I tried to point out the things he seemed to be doing that attracted only negative people to him, it is not even about moving with good people yourself needs to have a sound character. You cannot expect to have good friends when you yourself are a terrible person, you only attract to yourself the things you really are on the inside, so if you want to have good friends begin to work on your bad character also.

Do not be quick to trust, the mistake of being too quick to trust other people is a way of attracting negative people, my friend was a person who had a fragile heart and he was always very quick to trust anyone, he would leave them with his valuables because he thought they were his friends, and those ones who are not good friends will move away with it. There are different types of individuals in life and not everyone has a good heart, not everyone who smiles with you has a good intention towards you, it is better to just take your time before you decide on the people to trust.

I also forgot to mention that, having a good heart does not mean everyone who comes close to you will desire anything good for you. There is nothing like having a good heart so do not change that for anything, but do not also expect everyone to have a good heart or a clean thought towards you just because you do the same to them.

Good friends are difficult to come by, but when you find friends who love you as much as you love them, hold the very closely and dearly and make sure you do not send them away. Those friends are going to help you increase on your terrible characters, they are going to help you become a better person and together you both are going to find your way to the top.

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Our life is greatly a reflection of the people we choose to move around with

I agree with this statement, it is absolute truism. This is why there is an old proverb that says:

show me your friend and I will tell your who you are

I have learnt a lot from this insightful and thought-provoking post. Many thanks for sharing


Thank you so much for the beautiful comment, I appreciate it .

Friends are a fundamental part of our lives, they make us better people and of course they fill our lives with joy. Friendship is something fabulous, something that encourages us to move forward many times and that despite being alone at some point we do not feel alone, because friends will always be there for us.


True friends are more valuable than gold sincerely.

Indeed, good friends are difficult to come by. I have found that sharing a strong interest makes all the difference. But this isn't really the test of a true friend.