4 years of financial freedom powered by Steem. Happy 4 years Steem anniversary to me

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First, I want to thank God for for leading my path to found Steem and I also what to that everyone that is part of the creation process of Steem and people still working tirelessly to work on steem improvement. I also thank everybody that have one time or the other been part of my success story on steem.


Since I joined Steem, I have been financially stable and I have also helped a lot of people from my earning on steem to be financially free.

In this 4 years journey on steem, I have been expressing myself freely on steem, the freedom I don't have on any other platform.

During my 4 years journey on the steem, I was able to carry out lot of projects that impacted lives like cryptocurrency seminars for youths, skill acquisition training for unemployed youth, donations to orphanages, donations to school pupils, and so on. These projects will not be possible without the help of the steem and good people that constantly supports me.

Here are few of the things I did to help others with my earnings

  • I organized the biggest cryptocurrency seminar in the city of Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria.
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  • I also organized other seminars for youths in different cities across Nigeria to introduce them to cryptocurrency, blockchain and web3

  • I visited many orphanage homes with different gifts donated with my earnings

  • I fed a lot of school children and also donated written materials to school children

  • From my earnings on steem I trained people on different skills to make them entrepreneurs and to eradicate unemployment and hunger in my country Nigeria.

With steem, I have been enjoying financial freedom and I have fed and helped a lot of people out of poverty.
I have also been enjoying freedom of expression through steem and I am using every opportunity I have to inform others about steem.


I want to use this medium to appreciate everybody that have been part of my journey so far - @jammey, @amec, @anjiba, @jacobite, @xpency, @chiama, @eurogee, @drigweeu, @sirknight, @sniffnscurry, @surfyogi, @dimimp, @sydesjokes, @cryptoctopus, @damarth, @swissclive, @libertyteeth, @humanearl, @stephenkendal, and so on.

To everyone that have Upvoted, tipped, gifted, commented and resteemed my posts during the four year journey, I say thank you all.
We are just starting, we can do more together.
Steem for life.

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards

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Someone told me yesterday about a project I have just started, "every gift gives reward" and it is part of what you receive dear friend, give what is received by grace, congratulations.

It is incredible that time fly!

Wow that is a big project and alot of hard work too, it's so nice to teach and encourage people on how to make money online and helping people and feeding the younger ones is really great, am so happy for you and happy anniversary and congrats on your achievement so far.