Maybe 9/10 of reality is perception.

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As my wife and I were doing our normal walk after lunch down the street, one of our neighbors was driving by and stopped the car to ask us how we were.

Our neighbor said she hasn't seen us in a while, and just wanted to check in. We chatted a bit, she told us about Pool Passes, the mosquito sprayer truck is going to spray later this week...just normal neighborhood stuff.

We talk to this neighbor pretty regularly, she's super awesome, but for some reason this moment made me think, "We live in a ‘Leave it to Beaver’ neighborhood."

“Leave it to Beaver” was a 1950’s American television show that euphemistically portrayed contemporary suburban life in the United States. The neighborhood was peaceful and full of good neighbors.

I know that seems trite in some way that I'm comparing our neighborhood to a 1950's sitcom, but I felt like I was in the TV show. It was a surreal feeling.

The crazy thing is, we have lived in this neighborhood for 4 years, and all of our neighbors have been super great, so this isn't new.

We wave at our neighbors when they are driving down the street or mowing their lawn. We talk to our neighbors about the weather or parties they are having. We know all of our neighbors' names, even the names of their dogs. And everyone has always been so nice. But for some reason, today, this one moment stood out.

I don't know why this moment made me realize how lucky we are to live in a nice place like this. My perception before today was that we lived in just “a good neighborhood,” but today, my perception is now we are in a “TV show” neighborhood...which is really good. Which makes me so much happier.

So maybe 9/10 of reality is perception. If we choose to perceive the world as better, then maybe it will be better. I don't know if I am just talking out of my ass, haha, but it certainty feels real.

Anyway, it was just a thought rolling though my head.

Stay frosty people.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi @fijimermaid
Good to know you live in a nice neighborhood as a matter of course....
I think you are very lucky that you do, many of us live in spaces that may be nice, but we largely don't know who our neighbors are. So I can say that you are very lucky.
And I completely agree, much of how good or bad we live depends largely on the perception we have of what surrounds us, and in turn is related to what we think.....


We are lucky. I wasn't so lucking growing up though. I lived in a terrible place when I was a kid. We had to work very hard to get where we are. And perception not only improves one's current outlook, but future outcomes as well. If you dream for a better future, it helps in creating it.

Hello @fijimermaid Interesting your message and the way you convey it, I think you are right the way we are willing to see things and people can make a big difference in our lives, thanks for sharing it!


Thank you for reading it @yossaeluz :)