3 things wrong with our society today - minus COVID 19

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The COVID-19 has taken over front stage since it arrived and startled the world. Every news headline and story even on social media must be about the dreaded disease. However, this pandemic currently sweeping across nations and ravaging human life is not the only thing wrong with modern life. Yes, no matter where you live, you probably see that a lot of things changed in human behaviour often for the worst. We all wish the world were a better place, but bad lifestyles and poor decision making has rendered this place terrible. That is why everyone years for a world free of the many societal ills we see around us. Here a few things that must change in human behaviour.

1. Wealth is equal to Success: This one is everywhere, no thanks to greedy commercialism. The rich and wealthy are shown as happy. People are encouraged to pursue wealth often at all costs because it is supposed to bring happiness. Youths and students in school are shown wealthy models that are thought to be happy because of being materially prosperous. If you watch any promotion anywhere, consumers are encouraged to go for the latest gadgets because they come with new features to make you happy. But the question remains: Does wealth bring happiness? The answer has is NO. While being able to afford a comfortable or above-average lifestyle, this does not guarantee true and lasting happiness. Often, lasting happiness comes from having true contentment and living a life of purpose. When we are satisfied with our little means of life, we are not jealous of other people's wealth nor do we overly complain about our lot in life. A person contented with life does not develop negative traits like anger, jealousy, bitterness and others. He sees life in positive light and takes challenges as they come, and with a cheerful disposition. So while the general belief is that you must be wealthy to be happy, true happiness is not always connected to material prosperity.

2. The rich gets richer, the poor gets...: Poorer! economic inequality is killing our life and society. Often the rich are the ruling class that amass all the wealth even for unborn generations. While the poor masses wallow in economic crisis, the rich are often spoilt with flamboyant wealth. In many cases, the wealth accumulated lasts for years and are often left destroyed in some unnecessary acquisitions and property. Insmost places, people live on less than a dollar a day. Some individuals control the wealth bigger than the budget of most countries. While a few got wealthy trough hard-work and inventions, most are often wealthy through looting in government and corruption. Some through mismanagement of public funds. The result? Poor people gets poorer and the rich gets richer.

Technology abuse and misuse: We love everything that makes life modern. We enjoy electronics, modern travel and entertainment, we love everything about modern life. But, family time has been taken by TV, gaming, social media. Whatever happened to reading a book! Most people can no longer concentrate on getting something done because they are distracted by phone notifications, email, social media status, and the rest. Face to face talk between family members is dying in the hands of online communication. We can devote an entire book writing about how technology is being abused with negative consequences to normal life. A lot is just left to be desired. Until we change how much we allow technology to negatively influence us, some life's problems will remain unsolved

There are many things wrong with modern society. However, we can all put hands together to make this place a better place. Societal ills can be corrected and change must start within!

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Without a doubt, there are many wrongs with society, no matter what latitude or longitude it is in. It seems to be the common denominator of humanity.

Technological advancement is highly dependent on economic profit and returns, and sponsors generally expect to make a lot of money from it. Perhaps if it were different we would have stopped using fossil fuels years ago.

The most surprising thing about this pandemic is not the headlines of the deaths or the possible solutions to solve and fight the disease, but the losses and low blows to the economy. It seems to be the most important thing.

Thanks for sharing ^_^