3 vital life leassons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Every situation we face in life should serve as an avenue to learn. Experience is gotten through living through a particular situation in life. Such an experience will serve one better in the future when and if such situation arises again. The world has been startled by this COVID-19 pandemic and lots of people are yet to accept that this is happening to them. From death of loved ones and loss of jobs, to global economic collapse, we have seen it all. And suddenly, we start to use some terrms previously not everyday language like quarantine, isolation, social distancing and the rest. In the midst of all these chaos, isn't there something that should be learnt from this? After all, history usually repeats itself. I thought about this whole thing and figured out that we should learn at least 3 lessons from COVID-19. Here are they:

1. Save for a rainy day: Though the pandemic affected everyone both rich and poor, those that are hardest hit are people that do not believe in having some money kept away for future use. Yes, I know that there are some that do not have enough, let alone to save. But we are talking about people that have the means to save, but they lack discipline in money management. Some are simply flagrant in their spending and rarely have or stick to a budget. In this period of lock down, people are tapping into life savings to keep body and soul together. But those that have nowhere to tap into are really struglling to cope. So when this is all over, you probably want to start or review your saving culture. Apart from a pandemic like COVID-19, unexpected emergencies can call for dipping hand into one's savings to save one's life.

2. Fix broken systems: In many places, lots of things are wrong in human society, especially in government. So we have to work harder to fix broken systems, for example hospitals. In some developing countries, corrupt government officials embezzle public funds and leave the health system in a sorry state. They always fly overseas to get medical treatments where systems are working. Back home, its a different story. This situation is prevalent in developing countries. Then suddenly, COVID-19 struck and borders are closed. The elites unexpectely became stuck at home. Now, they must use the same hospital facilities they rejected. Because there is no way to fly overseers for treatment, they found themselves in unfamiliar situation, facing the same plight as the poor masses. How much more reasonable it would have been to fix the broken health systems at home. After all, there is no place like home. Is there?

3. Create multiple streams of income especially online business: Yes, now people are loosing their jobs in thousands. Even the biggest organizations are now struggling. Cutting staff strength is now everyday news. For people like us, your day job has never been the answer. But then, everyone has suddenly seen that there is zero job security everywhere. So relying on your day job is risky. You can loose it as many has seen. So you need to build multiple income streams. Its specially advisable to start some form of online business such as ecommerce, drop-shipping, content writing, blogging, etc. Your online venture is not always adversely affected by emergencies that threaten normal life such as COVID-19. When you are able to rely in many income sources, you have a backup if anyone - like your day job - fails!

We can learn so much from COVID-19. But the above 3 are worth some second look by everyone else. As we continue to think about life after now, always remember to remain positive no matter how you have been affected by this pandemic. Stay safe friends! There is light at the end of the tunnel. We are in this together, and together we win!!

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For sure this pandemic will teach everyone of us sn great lesson and it is also true that no matter you are rich our poor it has hitted everyone but for those who have planned there finances well are the one less affected.


Sure @sumit71428. COVID-19 should make us stronger after it has come and gone if we learn these and more lessons from the things we went through.

@focusnow very nice article , yes i agree with your three point. this the perfect state of mind one should have now.


Thank you for coming by @adityajainxds. It's really a difficult time in human history, but we can always make the most of a difficult time.

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Solid read. Resteemed and upvoted.

I really hope our government officials fix our bad health system, but the sad truth is that, there are only basically only concerned about their pockets than anything else.