3 ways to generate business ideas like a Pro!

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Generating a bright business idea can be a daunting challenge for any entrepreneur, but if yu get it right, you might be in for a big win. But then, thinking up something that can turn into a future profitable venture can be easy if you do the right things. So this article will briefly explore how you can come up with business ideas in a fairly simple way. So if you are lacking inspiration, think about these ways to come up with something new:

1. Observe new problems: Yes, everytime life turns us around, new challenges are created, with new business opportunities too. So if you are very observant, you can see new society problems pop up and you see the need created. Think for example, about the Corona Virus pandemic which has prompted wholesale changes in the way things are done. Now people are asked to stay at home or self isolate. Now this has created a need to deliver services or make products that people can consume without leaving the home. Quick thinking businesses have come up with innovative means to remain operational while the lockdown is on. A lot of other new businesses have propped up because of the restricted movement. So given this new restriction of movement, you can think of innovative ways to solve problems created by this restrcition of movement. For example, still related to COVID-19, some quick-thinking people started making nose masks, sanitizers and other products needed for this period. These are business opportunities created by this emergency. So when unexpected changes that affect the community happen, it can become a business oportunity for quick-thinking minds.

2. Your interests: What trickles your fancy? What do you enjoy doing? Do your friends enjoying staying around you because you make them laugh with your funny jokes? Then you might have a talent for comedy? Do you love watching birds or keeping one? then you might thinking about solving a challenge bird-watchers have? Do you wish you can connect all the people in your city who travel to share their stories? Maybe you may do well with a travel blog or social network? The truth is that if you have a particular interest or hobby, you could look inward and see some challenges that prevent you from fully pursuing your passion. There are many other people that enjoy the same hobby and face the same challenge as you. So if you are able to come up with a solution to that challenge, then you already have a large market waiting to use your product or service. The best type of business opportunity is one that involves your hobby. You will naturally pour in all your heart and resources into this effort, because you are doing what you love.

3. Innovation: This is another big source of generating a business idea. There are tons of services and products we use that we wished they were better. Do you wish for better running shoes? then you can make one. Do you wish for a restruant that serves only natural dishes, you can start one. You dont like how your bikiny clings to your body? Dont complain. Think of coming up with a solution. The truth remains that if you look around, there are things that you can make better. So instead of complaining about a poor product or always making a bad product review, you can think of making a better one. Consumers love going for the best. IF you come up with a product or service that delivers better than what is currently obtainable, then people will flock to you. After all, many businesses exist today because they are trying to make products better than other competitors. So always look at the old mousetrap and think of making a better one.


There are definitely many other ways of generating a business idea. For example, you can brainstorm, ask friends for ideas, search online or even buy ideas. Whichever one you explore, just try to be creative and go for the best idea that solves a problem for the largest population. If you do your homework well, you wont struggle for business ideas as an entrepreneur!

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@focusnow as per my thing "problems create new innovation " if you don't have problem you cannot discover anything.

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