Bitcoin finally making some steady progress. Lesson - patience still pays!

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I often write a lot about patience because of two reasons: I have lost so much in the past because of impatience and I have gained so much recently since I started developing patience. If you look around you today, many people still exhibit lots of impatience. Not many are willing to wait while working hard on a project or life goal. But then, when we learn to look at the future while working and hoping that things will get better, it often pays in the long run. So why am I making this post? Because I have brought in lots of people into cryptocurrency HODL business and they left with losses when there was no immediate price increase.

People and patience

The most recent one was a woman that I advised to buy bitcoin sometime around December when the price was still lower than now. She downloaded the app and bought some bitcoin, but after she didn't see much gain in 5 days, she took her money and left - with losses obviously. The painful part is not that most of them needed the money anyway. I usually ask them if they are willing to keep some money for 6 months and those that agreed, i train. So its not usually that they needed the money for any urgent expenses, but a clear lack of patience. Little wonder that lots of people have fallen for get-rich-quick-schemes and several other scams promising impossible return on investment. Isnt it better to patiently work on a project long term?

Bitcoin and patience

Yes, when I train people that want to join Bitcoin HODL business, I tell them that one of the things they actually needed for the business is a rare quality - patience. Its obvious because the bear market can run - has run - for months now. Some actually complain after few months that this thing is not going up even after explaining to them initially that this is the nature of cryptocurrencies. So for anyone planning to start bitcoin business, patience is top requirement. In fact, someone noted for impatience cannot be advised to get into cryptocurrencies. The ability to Hold On to Dear Life (HODL) most time requires waiting and hanging on. So to avoid losses and regrets, it is better to cultivate patience in life. We don't always get it right by being in a hurry or rush to get to somewhere or get something done. In fact, we usually break or spoil things when we fail to take our time. So in the same way, HODL business requires critical thinking, careful planning and waiting patiently.

Patience - Does it Pay?

Yes it does. Especially as I focus on Bitcoin HODL, those who were a little patient are smiling now as the price of bitcoin continues to appreciate. Patience pays not only in cryptos but in life as whole. Even if you are not naturally a patient person, you can always learn to develop it. Patience is not a possession of all but when you have it, you are more likely to come off best than worse!

How to cultivate patience in life

A little research might help you discover effective ways to develop patience in life. When writing this article, I stumbled upon these five ways to cultivate patience and hold on to it. Take a look

  • Ask yourself why you're in a hurry. If you feel rushed while going about your normal day, ask yourself why. ...
  • Enjoy quiet moments as much as big moments. ...
  • Hang around people who have patience. ...
  • Focus on short-term goals to reach long-term ones. ...
  • Think of the things you've gained by being patient.

I hope these help. So next time you think of Bitcoin and life as a whole, remember patience. It still pays!!!

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Thanks @culgin for the kind gesture

Hello @focusnow, excellent reading.

Patience is a virtue that we must cultivate, there are many people who are not willing to wait because they say they do not have much time to lose, when in fact patience helps you select better opportunities, when you are in a hurry to choose what you have in front , be it good or bad because you are not willing to wait for something better.

Not long ago it was Christmas and now the carnival is coming (here we celebrate carnival, February 24th, and 25th). In the city is where one can feel that everyone is in a hurry. They live in constant turmoil. It is necessary to develop the virtue of patience in order to slow down a little.

I like the points you described for cultivating patience.

Thanks for sharing :D

An excellently written post. Thanks for emphasizing one of the greatest virtues - patience.

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For my daily crypto news I listen to Ivan on Tech. So I gotta admit I feel sort of same way about the recent rally.

5 days??? Patience is worth counting in years. Real stock market or commodity lows, cheap prices come, sometimes, after 1-2 decades only.

Dear @focusnow

Interesting choice of topic buddy. And solid read.

However I've noticed that you're not reading and replying to comments :( So I'm not sure if there is any point in writting one lol .

Think about it. it's very easy to lose audience. Once people will memorize that you do not engage back - they will simply stop reading and commenting. That's just simple as that.

Upvoted already

Cheers, Piotr


You have a point. I read but some times fail to reply to them. I will start from now to get that figured out. Thanks @crypto.piotr for that correction.