How Zoom shot to quick fame in a time of Crisis - a vital lesson!

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Every situation that presents itself always have a way of making some people sad and making others go up. When we have worked hard even if the future remains uncertain or we cant see any immediate gain or profit to our endeavors, we should keep on working hard - just continue to believe, you never know when the last piece of the puzzle will fall into place. A case in point is video conferencing app Zoom.

Before this pandemic that threw the world into confusion, Zoom was not such a global sensation. Some individuals and businesses knew and use the platform. But then, the COVID 19 pandemic came along and changed how we meet and relate with people for some time now. Expressions like social distancing, isolation and quarantine became everyday language. It suddenly became a health risk to stay to close to people let alone, touch their bodies. We were then advised to maintain some reasonable distance with the next person if we must see in person at all. But then, some things cannot be removed.

...Human or person to person interaction is always inevitable

So no matter how bad the situation looks, there is need for meetings. People meet for religious, political, social or academic reasons. So we looked up to technology to fancy for us another to meet, see and hear each other. We found Zoom. The now star-struck application and platform has enabled various groups to meet and conduct their meetings virtually. The thing is that when this company rolled out Zoom as a service, they did not envision COVID 19. They probably did not see a time like this when common handshake will no longer be common. They probably thought about staff meetings for international organizations where participants cannot meet in a physical location. But then, things can change quickly.

Zoom is now being used by parliaments, governments, individuals and organizations. The company has since the outbreak of the pandemic seen a sharp rise in the number of users, not just in the zus, but also globally. And you know what the increasing usage means, more money is coming into the company pockets. Now, its nearly impossible to read a technology news section that has nothing to report about Zoom or the company behind it. I even know that some big companies are looking into developing a rival service right now. Thats not my business anyway....

Here is the point - and lesson!

Whatever you are working at right now, do it with all your might. Be convinced that it will see the light of the day somehow. Sometimes, we let our vision slip because we cannot see immediate results. What we are doing does not seem to matter. Fine, your friends might even label you dumb or crazy. But if you have a really strong vision for what you are doing, you do not want to give up on it. You want to keep pushing it. You want to keep working hard to get to your goal. It might take time. Things may not go as planned, but the determined soul will always get something worthwhile accomplished.

Thats a lesson am taking home from COVID 19 and Zoom.

How are you dealing with the lockdown in your area?

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For a moment I thought you were talking about the money and package delivery company (ZOOM). Can a company take the name of another company? I don't really know this video service, I had heard about it and thought I had to see something with the shipping company.

For its sudden fame it must be better than all the other video services: Hangout, WhatsApp, Skype (still used?)

I love the lesson plan you wrote. A hidden treasure in your post

I tell you that writing at Hive and Steemit has been the best entertainment yet.

It is time to stop, meditate, read and share with the family. Maybe we needed a break from this busy life.

Thanks for sharing :D


Thank you so much for coming around @jadams2k18. True, being committed to a course pays in the long run, just as Zoom has seen. I want to take that lesson to heart.

Note: You gave me a run for the money in those original works contests hahaha. I use to admire your style of writing though.


I use to admire your style of writing though.

Thank for your kind words. They were good contests

Hi @focusnow

If you are right Zoom rose to fame in the midst of this pandemic, however it has many detractors, due to its vulnerability and security problems.
Now recently I made a publication of an application that is also providing the service for free and without registration, up to 50 people can connect.

In Latin America and Venezuela we use this service a lot.

Skype takes a step forward in video calls


Oh thanks dear @lanzjoseg. I will check on your article. Though I have read that there are many cases of meeting break-ins on Zoom. We hope they will tighten security. But it's a nice service

The isolation brought so many companies to live and has brought a lot of other companies profit and Zoom is one of those companies making it big now.

It might keep this trend even after the quarantine period is over.

Almost everyone is making use of zoom now and it looks as if the pandemic is good for them.

Zoom wasn't really a thing for everyone except for businesses in the past but with the current pandemic and people needing to do meetings and see each other like they are at work, as well as families and friends want to see themselves, Zoom has become one of the most used by almost everyone

The central message of your post lies in how Zoom managed to give people that opportunity to feel close despite physical distance. Very valuable.

But I can't stop referencing the Zoom vulnerabilities.
I recently read an article where I got this:

The Register report that Zoom is lacking in good security and that uses a custom version of RTP with a single AES-128 shared across participants in what is known as ECB mode. This is known to be insufficient from a security perspective as information is easily leaked and patterns in the video stream can be detected. Citizen Lab posted the following image of how these patterns can look.




Am happy you spared your time to read my article. Sure, people will be fast to identify the problems with Zoom, the cloud meeting service. Am not dwelling on that. Like you saw, the lesson is that sometimes, we give up because we are not seeing immediate results. Just like the pandemic gave zoom this platform to excel, something might just happen we quickly start seeing the results of our years of hardwork. It's a lesson worth thinking about, isn't it


Totally agree with you dear friend.
Reading your writing is always a pleasure.

Hey, buddy @focusnow, I don't particularly know the app, but I've heard a lot about it lately.

I very much agree with your approach, has and that to persevere. to be insistent in what we want and not to despair, the coas are arriving at their time.

As for the blockade, it was a drastic change, no doubt. But everything is tolerable for now.
Learning new things.

Hehe, just smiling, because I have never used Zoom yet, but my wife used it yesterday for the first time, and it actually worked quite well. And by the way, totally agree with you - work on your project with all your might, and believe that one day, it will have its breakthrough and reach its audience!


Sure like Zoom, if we put in a great deal of effort, we are sure to succeed. Thanks for sharing your time.

I know the application and actually used it several times when I had a computer. Maybe these days I will try it on a mid-range phone to see how it behaves.
In Linux that app works wonderfully.
And yes, it is a great help that became fashionable with this pandemic, now many people are using it, I suppose I move Google plus a lot.

Thanks for sharing this information.


Yes. Even on the Android platform, it works great and I have been using it for some of my online trainings and meetings.

As a friend said @lanzjoseg zoom is a very used company here in our country Venezuela, so its growth is partly due to the degree of reliability they provide to their customers, greetings and thanks for sharing this post with the community of project hope.


Thanks friend for stopping by. It's popularity sky-rocketed due to this pandemic