I enjoyed reading these 5 articles curated by @projecthope last week (ending Saturday 2/2/2020)

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I love community building and I simply admire the effort of few individuals that have made well-meaning efforts to gather people of similar passion. In recent times, one such outstanding individual and friend who built an amazing community is @crypto.piotr. His community is called @project.hope. @project.hope is a collection of friends that love emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cyber-security and others. These friends share their passion for technology by writing and discussing current trends in the fields mentioned above. They welcome you to join and support this amazing community of tech lovers. If you wish to learn more about @project.hope, check out this article.

I am making this review as a little contribution to support @project.hope and help its authors gain more publicity for their articles. There are so many good articles curated by @project.hope. I simply cannot feature all of them so.....

Here are the top 5 articles I enjoyed the most curated last week (ending Saturday 2/2/2020).

Note: If time permits, i will make this review once each week - probably on a Sunday. Thank you for supporting @project.hope.

1. Coronavirus & AI (BlueDot)


This is an interesting subject by @juanmolina. I never knew that AI has gone as far as predicting epidemics before it happens. In this article, the author discussed BlueDot, a successful AI company that makes AI tools for accurate prediction of outbreak of infectious diseases. Did you you that BlueDot predicted the outbreak of this virus currently killing people in China now? Click the link to read this article and see how far AI can go to prevent death and destruction by epidemics.

2. @project.hope who are we? / My personal manifesto.


@fucho80 gave a personal reflection of this amazing project called projecthope. Well, I am doing this review to promote the same project @projecthope. So in this article, the author praised project hope, talked about the challenges and successes and then discussed its vision for the nearest future. If you are on Steemit and have not heard about projecthope, then you must be missing a lot. Head over to this article and get it straight from the Horses mouth

3. Reviewing an Airtm promotion


I have not heard about Airtm until I read this article by @pedrobrito2004. He discussed about Airtm, an exchange where you can change fiat and cryptocurrencies. According to the article, Airtm was compared to Paypal, but its unique in many ways. For example, you can use the platform to receive overseas payment from family and friends. Again, it operates in many countries of the world. Why not head over and check if Airtm is the exchange platform you have been looking for.

4. Could you live on steemit?


I have heard about the poor economic situation in Venezuela. But I never knew that it was so bad that people work 6 days a week, 40 hours to earn less than $10. It was heart-touching when I read this article about it by @josevas217. He asked whether someone can work full-time and depend on Steem. You can read more about the financial crisis going on in Venezuela and how Steem is helping to change lives there. Ofcourse, you can answer the question of whether you can work full-time on Steem there too

5. How the Wuhan coronavirus can affect the stock market?


Again on the virus that is currently killing many people in China, @culgin explained some of the economic implications of this epidemics. For example, he explained that workers in most Chinese companies are almost being forced to extend their holiday stay till 7th February. Businesses are also not responding as quick as before to business correspondence. The article showed that the US stock market is still resilient, but only time will tell the full economic implications of the epidemics currently rocking China.


There are so many lovely articles curated by @project.hope, but i enjoyed reading the above 5. Why not read them if you can or check other articles from the @project.hope community. Maybe you will find something that will make for an interesting read.

Disclaimer: The images accompanying the selected posts were taken from the posts. I am not the owner. Also, the images were resized to fit in with how I formatted this post. Thank you for dropping by.


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Hi dear @focusnow

I have read all the articles and I have left comments to them in their publication, I must mention that the one of bluedot and the one of @josevas217 caught my attention, quite interesting and what caught my attention was the relaxed and fluid way they were written, a great job: interesting, attractive, light and easy to digest 👍

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Venezuela can gain additional income by doing a sensitive study in a country where steep conditions are very severe and steemit. This could be a good income for people if steem could reach the main income level because the incomes are very low.


Thanks for sharing this link @sipahikara
Are you yourself from Venezuela as well?

ps. I've noticed that you're delegating some SP to minnowbooster. Are you using dlease? I'm curious what's your average current weekly payout ?



Here’s a dlease example of 19K SP earning 15+ % APR which gives about 51.5 Steem per week. 4A4521AC-319E-4DC5-ADA9-7DBBC9A34B39.jpeg

Thank you for sharing these articles. I find project hope to be rather interesting.

Interesting article about AIs predicting outbreaks. If we have all that at our disposal, then we need to do more to stop this outbreaks.

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Thanks for reviewing my post.

I want the information to be useful and hopefully the site I comment can help anyone who needs a service like that.

Thank you for mentioning friend @focusnow
Good compilation of publications, there are two I haven't read yet, I'll get to that.
Thanks for bringing them in.


Am happy to do my part to promote @projecthope as much as I can. And thanks for making a nice article there. It touches my heart what people are going through in Venezuela.


It is hard what happens in Venezuela, it is well known all over the world.
But difficult to solve, not impossible, but complex.
With faith that at some point everything will get better.
It's good to coincide on these sides. Thank you.

I like the idea of having Steemit as a full-time job. However, my experience on this platform is that it is really difficult to obtain an steady income for posts. Curation and delegation provides a more consistent revenue, but requires an investment very difficult for poor people.

Another problem is the language. Despite the effort at building tribes and communities for other languages, English is by far the best language to use on Steemit.

@focusnow, Without any doubt @project.hope team is doing great Job and in my opinion in a way setting an example and showing how few people can make a big difference and how Collaboration and Togetherness can create whole new foundations for Community Oriented Path. Stay blessed.

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