What are your New year's resolutions for 2020 - anyone?

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... This post will not be long, but straight to the point!

Let us briefly talk about resolutions. I think am not alone in making resolutions every new new. Millions of people around the globe try to give their life some direction by stating some things they would love to accomplish before the year runs out. Did you actually notice that January 2020 is gone? I was kind of surprised. How time flies!!! Well, every second that ticks away can never be recovered - just as there will never be a date ending in January 2020 in the future. Since we have too many things we want to accomplish, its not actually out of place to arrange them in order of priority and try to tackle them one at a time.

I have seen some serious new year's resolutions....


...and some are really laughable!


2020 is off to a flying start

Sure, time waits for no one. I always remember a wise saying that goes this way: "When a sailor does not know what habour he is making for, no wind is the right wind". At any point in time, we need to know - or find - our orientation in life. Its really necessary to know where you are, where you have been and where you are going. Life is full of challenges and many to-do's. It is so easy to drift along waves and lose one's bearing if things are not kept in proper control. We have too many things to do and shouldn't be lost in the ocean of life. So I believe, making resolutions and goals have have helped many to put a check on their life activities and goals. More important than making resolutions is working towards and achieving those goals!

My resolution for 2020

I do not want to put too many on the resolution. I want to have few realizable goals for this year 2020. I have set just 4 goals and have already started working hard to see that I accomplish them before the earth completes its journey around the sun. So i would love to visit this publication again and see how far I have done in accomplishing these goals:

  • Impact others positively. Setup a platform for IT literacy in my city
  • Connect more with people that are out to help others
  • Invest in self development - putting myself in a better position to build capacity in others
  • Avoid regrets. Learn from my mistakes. Live for the day

Share your resolution for 2020 with us

Lots of people make new year's resolutions. You probably are among them. If yes, share with us some of the things you want to get done before the year runs out. Like I said earlier, the first month of the year is already gone. So you and I have 11 months to get stuff done.

So what are your resolutions for 2020? Let us see that in the comment section!!

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Hi dear @focusnow

Well, in general my main resolution is to be happy and achieve financial stability. Of rest I only hope that the world goes well from the collapse of the world economy that faces

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My resolution was not to make resolutions. So I broke it as soon as I made it, getting that step immediately out of the way. Saves time that way ;)


Oh. Amazing. Hope the way you are doing it works for you. Not everyone likes stating those goals, some prefer to do whatever they think is important first. The most important thing is to get sone stuff done at the end of the day. Thanks @jdkennedy


No resolutions is a solid resolution @jdkennedy :P

Dear @focusnow

It's quite late for such a post, don't you think? :) January is already over. Or perhaps you're inspired with Chinese New Year? :)

So what are your resolutions for 2020? Let us see that in the comment section!!

Considering the fact that huge economic collapse is most likely coming (current coronavirus has potential to push china into "dark zone" and it will drag other economies down) - my only resolution is to survive and stay healthy. Not much to ask, right?

Yours, Piotr

Ok, there are four good goals for the year 2020, but ... we are already in February, I have seen resolutions and goals publications since last December :)

Well, in any case, I hope you can meet your goals and that this year is satisfactory.

Finally, making regular fitness with a spinning-bike. We bought one for Christmas and it makes sense, besides it is fun. You can watch something in the TV or computer or listen to a podcast. So, I'm learning and making exercise at the same time. And we don't have to leave the house and contaminate ourselves with polluted big city air.
(Not like the Nordic walking poles we bought earlier, and we didn't use...)

I read the best time for slimming diet product manufacturers is January. Many people are trying to lose weight. But in February, already much fewer...

Good jhob friends

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