You need at least these 3 qualities to succeed as an Entrepreneur

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It is good to set up a business and run it as an entrepreneur. In fact, considering how people loose their jobs everyday as the COVID-19 destabilizes life globally should make you think about alternative ways of making income. After all, 1. the big organizations people clamor to work for started from the mind. Setting up any venture is always a creation of mind. You think about it, and work towards achieving. However, being an entrepreneur calls for going the extra mile. You must have certain qualities if you are to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Here are 3 qualities that will help you:

1. Strong vision: Good entrepreneurs must have far-sighted vision. In other words, they should be able to look into the future and see what can be achieved and how to achieve it. There are so many things that can cause distraction in life and the business world. SO a good entrepreneur should be able to remain focused on set objectives and work hard towards reaching the goals.If you are someone who is easily distracted by other activities or you struggle to maintain concentration, then you need further training. A person who is not able to find his orientation will struggle as an entrepreneur. Good entrepreneurs are able to determine where they are, what they are doing and where they are going. Strong vision will keep you from derailing from your goals. Once you are able to fix you vision well, you have a clear sense of direction. And it will be difficult not to achieve your business goals as an entrepreneur.

2. Self-disciplined: Successful entrepreneurs are ones that stick to what should be done and get it done. As an entrepreneur, you need the mental strength to say no to unnecessary stuff to focus on achieving set objectives. Self-disciplined is a rare quality and many people find it difficult to do what they say. Sometimes, it may not be easy or conducive to do what needs to be done. It is self-discipline that will help you to keep on doing things you don't like to do. But you know that those things are very important to achieve the long term goal. For example, you might decide to always wake up early - say 5 a.m each day. Its a nice goal. But what do you do when you hear the alarm clock at 5, especially when you are enjoying your sleep. The temptation is there to put it off and continue sleeping. But if you have self-discipline, you will be able to stick to that routine. After all, you know that sacrifices must be made to succeed as an entrepreneur.

3. Goal-oriented: A good entrepreneur is one that always set goals and work hard to wards achieving them. Of course you know that there are short--term goals and long-term goals. Whichever way, goals help you to have something you are working towards. You have to destroy the habit of anything goes. Many people live for the day. A new day for them is like waking up and doing whatever comes to mind. Successful entrepreneurs already have a clear map of each day. They what to do, when to do it and how to do it. When you have clear goals you are working on, it helps you to measure progress and know how far you have come. Lacking goals will only make you look like a ship without a compass. Slowly, but steadily you will drift. But when you have these goals you are working on, its possible to keep to the same path and get things done.


Entrepreneurs succeed through a combination of many qualities. For example, successful entrepreneurs do not give up easily and they want to be decisive in everything they do. You need to do further research and see how you will develop other qualities to help you succeed as an entrepreneur. However, the above 3 discussed is as relevant as the others and would be a nice place to start. With good diligence and hard-work, you can succeed - like others - as a good entrepreneur.

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@focusnow you have forget the leadership , without a leader the people will do any thing , so to become and successful we need to be a good leader also.


You are right @adityajainxds. Remember, I just mentioned 3 qualities. There are obviously more than 3 which was why the article encouraged further research on the subject. Leadership attribute is important for any successful entrepreneur.

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Being a self disciplined entrepreneur is a major ingredient for recording success, self control is essential to succeed in that race if not the entrepreneur will loose its sanity.