Zoom short tutorial: How to start or join a meeting!

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With the lockdown currently affecting most parts of the world, meeting people in person is no longer something you want to do. The pandemic is real and lots of people are infected. So social distancing is now the language of the day. However, businesses and people in general, have found a way to host meetings virtually. So you can stay in your home and still meet, talk to, see and hear your friends. There are many applications that have made this possible. One of the them is Zoom.

Zoom makes it possible to hold online video conferences. To do that is very simple. Assuming you have downloaded Zoom Cloud Meetings from the play store, here is how to host or join a meeting.

How to host a meeting using Zoom

Note: You have to sign up first using the app or web platform. So after signing up, you can host a meeting. We are using an Android smartphone to demonstrate this tutorial. Now, take the following steps:

  1. Launch Zoom app

  2. Click Sign In


  1. Enter your email and password and then click Sign in. (Note If it asks "Do you want to sign in with Fingerprint ID" click Cancel)

  2. Click "New Meeting"

  3. Click start a meeting. You can also click "Join with audio" to enable the microphone

  4. Congrats you have started a meeting. On the top of the screen, you can see your meeting ID and password. Send it to your friends who will join the meeting using those details.

How to Join a meeting

  1. Launch Zoom app

  2. Click Join a Meeting

  3. Type in the meeting ID provided by the host on the first box

  4. Enter your name in the second box (This is optional)

  5. Click Join Meeting

  6. Enter the meeting ID in the box on the new window and click Ok.

  7. Click Join with Audio

Congratulations. You have joined a meeting. you can talk and see all participants.

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Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

Zoom is taking over the video call platform, this covid-19 pandemic is really favourable on the companies part.


Sure. Some organizations have really benefited from the pandemic. And Zooms video conferencing app will go a long way even after the pandemic is gone.

I need to try this app eventually!

Zoom has become a force and a major competitor to other video call industry. Thanks for sharing this important tutorial.