COVID 19; Stay Home, But How Safe?

5개월 전

Domestic violence and abuse especially in a relationship is a monster that has turned many homes into war zones.

In a bit to curb the spread of the corona virus, government globally have directed her citizens to #StayHome to be safe. But the big question here is, how safe is the home?

It is indeed heartbreaking and worrisome to observed the increased fracas in the homes during this period due to abuse and violence in relationships.

This monster must be continually exposed, totally condemned in it entirety and victims must be encouraged and supported to safely exit any abusive relationship.

To all victims of abusive relationship, don't wait till your self esteem totally crumbled, you are maimed or killed.

So while you're still sane and breathing, wall away alive. Free yourself from that cage because you can. Take that bold step today and walk away.


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