My Take On Corona Virus & 5G Saga

5개월 전

It's actually worrisome to have people insist that 5G is related to Anti-Christ or responsible for COVID 19. I personally find no logic in such arguments.

However, the health risk controversy sorrounding 5G technology is even more worrisome. There have been no 5G safety studies into short or long-term 5G health effects, and the health effects of 5G are untested. So, we cannot say with certainty what 5G effects are on the human body. (Though we do know there are no safe radiation levels of EMF.)

Going forward, the global question on the health risks associated with 5G network remain unanswered and people who are asking this question deserve our attention, not those talking about Anti-Christ and Coronavirus.

This is the era of information technology, with a little patience and research, we will get to know better and say wiser.
#StayHome #StaySafe

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I am really much concerned about the coronavirus than the 5G issue right now, there is still a debate as to if 5G should be acceptable or not in my country.


Corona virus is of a global concern. From the ongoing, if new cases are being discovered, lockdown measures will continue to be enforce. It's our responsibilities to advocate for responsible living, strick adherence to good hygiene practices and goverment directives to militate against the spread of covid 19.
5G is a new technology and an advance one at that, while there are excitements about it benefits, experts should pay attention to the possible health hazards and measures to minimize it.
The world is ours, let's join hands to make it work great again.

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