Succeeding with Different Business Models (Amazon and Alibaba)

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Amazon and Alibaba seem to have a similar type of business model, they are both into retail and sales and they both offer consumer satisfaction but while amazon is trying to completely own the supply chain from start to finish and this includes the delivery system, the packaging and everything Alibaba on the other hand appears not to be concerned about completely owning the entire system of sales, according to an interview I watched, the interviewer wanted to know through Alibaba’s statement if he never felt he should have moved on a similar path like Amazon.


Alibaba’s response was really amazing, he did not give a response to say what Amazon’ business model was a terrible idea rather he described in his own words that:

The world should be made up of different business models, when we all want to move in one direction the world becomes boring and it is important for everyone to believe in their own business model just like I believe in mine.

Amazon’s desire is to build a complete business empire around the world of sales, while Alibaba wants to empower a million other sales agent, a million other logistic companies to build their own business to a point of growth and stability. Alibaba has the idea and is proud of how well others are able to make a living through making use of their own technology and innovation.


The CEO of Alibaba Jack Ma shared that his inspiration and love for small business owners comes from the fact that he struggled so much when he started his first business and he understands the pain that small business owners have to go through all the time, he wants to in his own way be able to help and empower small business owners to a good level of growth where they do not need to go through the same stress he went through.

Small business owners are easily discouraged to change their line of business because they believe this other line of business is doing better than theirs, the difference is in the vision and mission you both have, amazon is doing great in his own vision and he is fulfilled as his fortune increases while Jack Ma is also doing well in his own field as he is fulfilled when the innovation put in place by his company is able to empower a group of small business owners to become better in their chosen business field.

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I liked this post very much, you bring a comparison of great empires, which both work very well, no doubt.
But the vision of each of the leaders is different, but each one in his own way has gone far.
Jack Ma's vision has always seemed very good to me, less individualistic, I think more people like that are needed in the world.

Both Amazon and Alibaba are companies with excellent organizational structures and enormous profits. However, I think that Alibaba brings more added value, by enabling small businesses to improve themselves in their chosen field of business. One could say that through this Alibaba multiplies itself in each of the companies it serves, and this can bring benefits derived from the alliances that could be generated from this

I like this idea of Jack Ma to leave room for other people to grow and innovate in their area of the retail economy. I truly believe that competition and specialization lead to innovation and increasing efficiency. I also think monopolies may be innovative and efficient initially, but that’s hard to maintain if theirs no competition.
Good thought provoking post.

I like the idea that Alibaba group is offering even while they are both good at what they do no matter how well we want to grow we also need to leave space for growth in other people.

Amazon is really doing great, taking over completely the sector of sales but like Alibaba said we all need to believe in our own style and brand.