Dreams are dying (Reflection)

2개월 전

Having a dream is basically visualizing our future goals, a dream makes you focus, plan and work to obtain what you aspire to; You develop the ability to dream from childhood, while you are a teenager and when you are young, you begin to identify opportunities that can help you achieve that dream you seek.



There are people who dream of a profession, having financial independence, a family, being able to feed it, have a good house, a car, satisfy their needs and live comfortably if that were possible.

Dreams in Venezuela.

Venezuela was the country of opportunities, for us it was very easy, to dream, plan and work to fulfill our dreams, when we were children we dreamed of a profession, making our lives and obtaining goods, even those who could not study dreamed of obtaining a job as a worker in the state oil company or one of its contractors, the basic state companies or any of those companies that abounded in our country.

Today the reality is different, our young people are losing the ability to dream, or rather, they realize that their suitcase of dreams has no future here, that there are no opportunities for growth, to have a house, much less a car. They realize that it is very difficult to get the most basic things to eat, they know that so that time does not surprise them they must leave soon, if they do not want to see their dreams die.

Dreams linked to me.

I am fortunate to have one of the few families that the crisis has not fractured in this country, we have avoided emigrating, partly thanks to this platform, however, my children grow up and wake up to the reality that they live in a country that does not allows them to dream.


My eldest daughter is turning 18 and dreams of being a forensic doctor, although she enrolled to study medicine, she has not been able to start her career and is already feeling the temptation to leave the country, this makes me feel powerless, faced with the dilemma that she he has to become independent, make his own life and achieve his dreams, dreams that can die in our country.

Venezuelans today are scattered around the world and they are opening the doors of opportunities for those who stayed, every Venezuelan abroad has become an opportunity for their relatives here, a brother of my wife offers my daughter the opportunity to receive it in Brazil so that you have the opportunity to realize your dreams.

In conclusion Can a whole generation of young people lose the ability to dream?...

Every day there are young people who leave the country in search of opportunities, risking their lives, crossing borders illegally, on dirt roads, through the Amazon jungle, crossing rivers and mountains to not let their dreams die.

What harm did they do to my country and its people!


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Hello @dsc-r2cornell thanks for the support, you are a blessing, you do a great job.

I can understand the situation of your country and after that crisis the situation is became worse. Also now this covid-19 is like sprinkling salt on the burn. Don't stop dreaming because it will give you strength. thanks for this awesome post.


Hello friend @luckyali, thank you for your comment and the encouraging words. We must continue fighting although there are times when you get up and get discouraged because of the situation but we must continue to advance. Thank you.

Hello @funcho the thing is that this occurrence is not particular to a country, it is a common happening between countries that have poor economic values but we must not allow this to stop us from dreaming, we need to keep dreaming until we are eventually able to actualize the dreams and desire.


Hello friend @mojubare, thanks for commenting. Right now I was reading about a tragedy where 43 migrants died off the coast of Libya, something very sad and similar to something that happened in Venezuela at the end of the year, a shipwreck where many people died, it is something that is constantly repeated.

You are right, we must continue dreaming and striving to achieve our goals even though they seem very distant.

Thank you!

Since it is a dream, nobody is deprived of the opportunity to dream, the bad thing is that at the moment dreams are difficult to realize here in Venezuela from the professional, economic, quality of life, etc. point of view. However, we should never stop fighting to achieve our goals and that our dreams stop being dreams and become reality.

Is important not to faint, when a door closes it is because two or three more will open for us. Greetings and thank you for sharing your experiences.


Hello friend @sandracarrascal, thank you for your comment.

Is important not to faint, when a door closes it is because two or three more will open for us. Greetings and thank you for sharing your experiences.

They are motivating words, they undoubtedly help us to get up and continue our path working to achieve our dreams.

Hello dear friend @fucho80, the truth is unfortunate that this happens in our country, a country that was the dream of many and that offered many opportunities. But today things are not like that anymore and we have to go out and look for a better quality of life. I know that it can be difficult to see that a son is on your side and that he cannot fulfill his dreams in his country but it is the best thing he can do, in my opinion we must take advantage of the opportunities that are given to us. It is not easy but great things can be achieved outside our country, within it helping our own.



Hello friend @franyeligonzalez , thank you for sharing your opinion. I know that your experience in these cases helps because of what you have lived, but the ideal would be that everyone without exception had opportunities in the country.

Greetings friend @fucho80

It must be very complex to be in your situation, I say it in this way because as a father of a 10 year old girl, I would not want her dreams of being a professional in Veterinary, to be truncated but to place the balance between her desires to emigrate from the country, must be a very difficult situation.

I understand perfectly what you want to convey because I live in Venezuela, without a doubt the ability to dream and make plans in Venezuela with the current state is not possible, the
emigration is one of the possible ways out that I personally do not like Because of the dangers that migrants face, I believe that the country will make a difference and only those who are here in the country will be able to take advantage of these opportunities.

Greetings my friend @fucho80,

As a parent I put myself in your shoes, no doubt it is a dilemma that leads us to frustration and forces us to think about the opportunities that our young people have today in our country.

In the first instance we can advise them to stay, but it would be forcing them to run the "rat race" that many of us are living today, by this I mean that our daily earnings are only enough to half supply the food without aspirations beyond this.

On the other hand, to support them in their idea of migration without knowing what they can find outside and without being close to us to help them, in any case is a moral dilemma that causes us uncertainty.

Thank you for sharing your concerns that like many Venezuelans we have.