Ethereum 2.0


The upgrading of Ethereum to Ethereum 2.0 will result in the ability for proof of stake that allows stakers to earn passive income in cryptocurrency with Ethereum.

Will Heasman wrote on 1st May 2020 about the upgrade of Ethereum 2.0 with staking upgrade may trigger the price of ETH in the below article.

Based on the article above, I understand that Ethereum is shifting from proof of work to proof of stake to validate transactions.

That can mean that those holding large amount of ETH can stake for really cool passive income.

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Staking ETH would mean that certain percentage of ETH would be locked up to generate the reward for those who want to earn passive income.

The supply of ETH may reduce resulting the increase of demand for ETH.

Staking of ETH may allow us to earn an estimate of 4% to 10% of passive income.

This could be one of the main results why we are seeing a nice increase in price of ETH recently as more investors are interested in its future features.

With Covid-19 and other unforeseen situations, we do wonder whether this plan can be carried out this year.

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I've been telling everyone to hoard Ethereum in anticipation of change to proof of stake... Personally I bought some Bitcoin and Ethereum few weeks ago when Ethereum was about to go up a lot.


That is a smart move. It is currently going up again actually.


It just scares me that people say 32 ETH will be minimum amount for staking... It's little less than 6650 USD or 6050 EUR currently...