Lifetime Tips For Posts In PublishOx

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On 20 July, I was approved by publishox to become an author.

I have started posting ever since then.

My writing journey started from steem.

On Steem platform, each post would have a period of 7 days to get a reward and it started a tipping system but it comes out from the senders’ wallets.

PublishOx has a reward pool that every reader gets a certain amount for tipping without coming out from their own wallet.

Below is my current July earning at the point of this post.


It really sounds like free reward where everyone gets a reward regardless of reader or author.

I tried to find out on PublishOx website when the tipping would end for a post but it seems like anyone can tip a post even many years later if he likes it.

If it is really true, it is so cool. Every post can become a passive and permanent income for anyone even in their old age.

I know the reward cannot make us rich but it is an incentive that really encourages us.

Take a look at PublishOx if you like to earn DIA, BAT and Loopring.

There are no whales or dolphins so everyone is equal.

It may not be a huge amount but if we can gather little by little, it is definitely a nice way to have an alternative way to grow our cryptocurrency wallet.

I hope you enjoy reading this post about how we can earn DAI, BAT and LRC without paying a single cent.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thank you very much for sharing about another method of earning with us, times are difficult and we just have to look for new ways to make some little extra change all the time.

been in the publish0x community for a while now, must say it's a very cool place to be, despite being a centralized platform, the management is top notch


Thanks for sharing your positive experience. I am new quite new in this publishox.

I tried accessing my publishox account but it seems my account got restricted for no genuine reason and this has actually made me fed up about the platform.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla


Maybe you can contact them to see what happen especially if you have some earnings in it.