I started writing my first book (ebook) (2nd part (2/2)

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Hello, greetings friends, I hope you are well. This is the continuation of the previous post

"There are only two rules for writing: have something to say, and say it."

Oscar Wilde

I like to write, I like to talk. I think I have things to say and I want to say them, I want to write them, I want to record them. That's why I'm in the networks, that's why I have this blog; that's why I'm recording podcasts and I'm uploading videos to YouTube and 3Speak. That's why I'm going to write my book. And it won't be the only one. It will be several. I have enough material in my blogs to reduce or expand, to develop subtopics, to record videos and podcasts. I have plenty of ideas in my files on my computer, phone or in my old notebooks and diaries. And my head never stops thinking, creating, improvising, philosophizing and questioning. That's why writing is sometimes not considered a desire, but a necessity. You have to write, you can't keep it quiet. Even if no one reads it, you got it out, you said it, you put it down, you gave it an order and you feel better for it. When that happens, I think those writers who say they don't write for anyone, but for themselves, are right. As far as I am concerned, I do it for myself and for whoever reads me.

I want to compile in one place many of my ideas in the hope that someone will read them and be inspired, motivated or reflect. That is why I write. For that reason, and because I want to become an author, I no longer just want to create, to write; whether I get published by a publisher or self-publish on Amazon or some other platform, for as the great British poet, Lord Byron once stated:

"Certainly, it is pleasant to see one's own name stamped; a book is always a book, even if it contains nothing."

I will work for mine to contain and contribute something. I hope to achieve it.

Thank you for reading me, for your interest in this project. For getting this far, you have the right to know that I will be giving away 24 copies of my book to the first ones who write in the comments or to my private in one of my social networks, WhatsApp or Telegram. If you want it as a gift, do not hesitate to write and I will gladly write down your name and the email you provide me to send you my book. And stay tuned, as I also plan to come up with an offer for those who are left out of the 24 free gifts, but who are the first to purchase the book when I announce the pre-sale.

we continue to read each other

An intense hug.

Thank you for allowing me to give you my words.

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Greetings my friend, I believe that each of the goals we set in life are achievable, it is enough with determination, effort and organization.

I like very much how you state your actions, greetings.


That's right my friend, nothing is unattainable in this life, my dream is to make my first book and if I continue like this I know I will achieve it. Thanks for commenting.

Hi, friend.

We can all achieve our proposed goals, we just have to be clear about them, know what we want and where we want to go, to begin with.



Hello friend, I totally agree with you, I think they are the first most important things that we must always take into account and apply them, if we really want to achieve them. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

Great success for your book . Exited for publishing ,Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."


Thank you my friend, for your words are well received and appreciated. Regards.