Introducing Bitbns An Indian Finest Crypto Exchange - Currently Running Its Pre-Public Token Sale


Hello Everyone,

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to a well-renowned cryptocurrency exchange named [Bitbns]( here in India. I've been trading on this platform for quite some time now and so far my experience with the exchange has been exceptionally outstanding. There have been no issues so far while I've traded on this exchange:: the deposit, withdrawals of money and token transfers have been completed successfully almost all the time with issues. So altogether it's a great crypto exchange which you can leverage if you are dealing in cryptocurrency buying, selling or may it be trading.


Currently, on Bitbns exchange you can Buy and Sell close to 75 digital assets and you can trade-in both markets that is to say in INR & USDT pair both.


Some Key Features of Bitbns crypto exchange includes:-

  1. No account creation charges
  2. Automated Buy & Sell
  3. Safe & Secure
  4. Recently launched SIP in Bitcoin
  5. P2P for deposits & Withdrawals
  6. Trustworthy & Verified Networks
  7. Do more with Margin Trading
  8. Associated Rewards
  9. Low Fees
  10. Extra downside protection with Stop-limit Orders
  11. User-friendly Trading
  12. 24*7 Customer Support

I really liked the new feature that was introduced lately and I guess currently no other exchange at least in India provides you with the option of SIP [Systematic Investment Plan] in Bitcoin. Frankly speaking, I did start and SIP coz. of two reasons first being it averages out your investment and second being the incentive being given by them - which was that for the last month SIP; 50% SIP amount will be borne by Bitbns. They named this scheme Bitdroplets, I will talk about it in my next article. Lets focus on Bitbns and its Pre-Token sale for now.

BitBns Pre-Public Token Sale

Currently the Pre-Public Token Sale is planned in Four Stages. They have completed two phases so far and both the phases tokens got sold out in couple of minutes. I missed out in the first phases but was lucky enough to buy some token during the second phase of the token pre-public sale.

Here is the snippet from BitBns official website regarding the update on the token sale:-


Just check out the price during Phase 1 bare minimum of $0.064 for per token it was really cheap considering the business model they have and at every phase its X times the first phase i.e. in Phase 4 You will need to shed four times more the money in order to get 1 token of BitBns.

Yes, I'm coming to the total allocation; its 2.5Billion and here is the breakdown of the token allocation:-


An interesting point to note here is that we have an Airdrop for the token holders. In their White paper Bitbns has mentioned that users holding BNS token will receive BNS token via airdrop on a monthly basis. Total Airdrop is about 62.5 Million Tokens and every month users will be airdropped with 2.5% of the total remaining amount from airdropped.

For more details on the total allocation, business model, fund allocation, road map of the company and further details check out the BitBns Token White Paper

A final note that I'll like to put forth here is that I see great potential in this exchange Bitbns and its Token which they call it as:-


I really like this excerpt which is taken from their Website and it states:-

One Token, For Everything.
Simple and straight, BNS brings you the power to spend your cryptocurrency funds for bill payments, shopping, banking, and even international remittances. And that … is just the beginning.

So far they have been delivering as per the roadmap and are slowing capturing the market share.


I'm looking forward to the integration with Amazon that is lined up somewhere in June 2020.

That's all about it on the BitBns exchange, its token sale and their outstanding performance/innovation in the crypto space.

Looking forward to purchasing some more tokens during the Phase 3 Token Sale.

BitBns Website:-
BitBns WhitePaper:-
BitBns Pre-TokenSale Details:-

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Best Regards...

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Crypto exchanges seem to emerge the more this days, but Bitbns has amazing features and we should try it.

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Is it only available to indian residence or to everyone?